Great Talk: 2 Top YouTubers Discuss Their Faith, Do Q+A (Jay Dyer, Roosh - Video)

The second half of this long discussion, starting at 1.37.00, will be of particular interest to Orthodox Christians.

Well-known YouTuber Roosh V interviews Jay Dyer about his work in general, and in the second half, he asks him to talk about his faith. Dyer is an expert on occult and satanic influences in modern society, which constitutes the first half of the interview. In the second half, Dyer talks about how these forces are attacking Christianity, his path from Protestantism to Trad Catholicism, to Orthodoxy (he is now Russian Orthodox), and his work in Christian apologetics, which constitutes a large part of his current work.

Dyer gives advice to those curious about Christianity and Orthodoxy of good books and videos that helped him along the way, and how to find good spiritual counselors.

In the last 45 minutes they answer questions from viewers, and interestingly, most of them were about Christianity and Orthodoxy.

Dyer is a well known YouTuber who is best known for his work on the occult. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of philosophy and theology, from the early church through the important Protestants, including Catholic thinkers. You can see his recent videos on YouTube here.

Roosh V was a well-known author and speaker in the 'Manosphere' movement, who embraced Christianity two years ago, and repented for his work leading men and women astray in his earlier work. You can see his recent videos on YouTube here.

This is an excellent conversation. Highly recommended.

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