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Great Profile of the Medieval Churches of Ancient Russian City of Pskov (Russian TV News)


17 monuments of the ancient city of Pskov have been included on the List of World Heritage Sites. The decision was made by UNESCO. UNESCO’s List now includes 10 temples, the oldest one dating back to the 12th century; 2 towers of the Pskov fortress and its chambers.

Alina Chaban is reporting.

Tourists don't only admire the beauty of the Pskov architecture school, but also the way it sounds. Bells aren't on the top of bell towers but in special windows of detached bell walls.

“The temples of Pskov aren't only about architecture, but also sculpture. It's a real masterpiece.”

“Nowhere else have I seen so many temples.”

This medieval-era architecture school is unique and unparalleled. The temples of Pskov also have unusual names. The Cosmas and Damian Church at the Primostye; the Church of St. George from Vzvoz; Nikola Sousokha Church. If their walls look whitewashed and poised, inside, they are impressively monumental and beautiful.

“It's original, it dates back to the 12th century.”

The Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior was painted by Byzantine artists. It's the only site in Russia with pre-Mongolian murals.

Tikhon (Shevkunov), Metropolitan of Pskov and Porkhov: “It's a landmark event for the region with a global reach, without exaggeration. It's important for all the local people. These temples were built by our ancestors hundreds of years ago.”

Pavel Pavlinov, art historian: “ The restoration will speed up. And restoration works will start at many facilities. Many of them will receive a protection document from poor restoration.”

Every monument of ancient Pskov isn't only about architectural and cultural heritage, but also the history of the city, which the locals have been handing down for centuries. In 1581, the Most Holy Mother of God appeared before Dorofey the smith here. She helped Pskov citizens save the city from the Polish king's troops.

The Church of Protection at Prolom actually protected the city. It's cubic shape, domes and bell towers are the oldest elements dating back to the 12th century.

Since 2002, there were several attempts to include the monuments of Pskov in the UNESCO List. There were supposed to be more monuments, but UNESCO identified only these 10 unique holy shrines as part of World Heritage.

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