Russia Gov't Donates Millions to Restore Churches in Ancient City

The Russian government donated a huge amount of money to restore the cultural monuments of the city of Gorokhovets on its 850th anniversary 

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Celebrations in honor of the 850th anniversary of the ancient Russian city of Gorokhovets were held on Saturday, for which President Vladimir Putin sent his congratulations to the residents of the Vladimir Province city.

The Russian government also played its part in preparing for the celebrations, donating a huge amount of money—$8 million (500 million rubles) between 2014 and 2018 from all levels of administration towards the restoration of cultural objects in the city, reports TASS.

The funds were directed mainly towards buildings and territories in the tourist sector, including churches and a monastery. In addition to restoration work on a local mansion and museum, the ensemble of Sretensky Monastery, and the Annunciation Cathedral and Church of the Resurrection were also restored on the government dime.

The Annunciation Cathedral was built in 1700, and at that time it was the most beautiful and richest cathedral in Gorokhovets, with golden domes, a large clock, and wrought-iron gates. The Sretensky Monastery was founded in 1658 by Patriarch Nikon. It is located in the heart of the city, and is one of the finest examples of Gorokhovets architecture. The monastery was closed soon after the revolution, and was returned to the Church in 2001.

A railways station originally built in 1862 was also renovated, and the area of the main view of the city was landscaped.

In May it was reported that the Russian government also allocated $8 million for the restoration of the historic White Lake Monastery.


Gorokhovets was founded by Prince St. Andrei Bogolyubsky in 1168. The city, built along the Klyazma River, is known for the merchant traditions that flourished in the 17th century. Today, the city has a population of about 13,000 people and 101 cultural heritage sites, including 24 federally-designated sites.

In March 2017, the city was entered into the preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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