Fr. Peter Heers and Jay Dyer - An Orthodox Response to Ecumenism and Modernism (Video)

A fascinating conversation with two leading experts. Highly recommended.

You can find a lot more excellent material on their respective YouTube channels and websites:

Fr. Peter Heers YouTube

Jay Dyer YouTube


The well-known Greek scholar and Orthodox Priest, Fr. Peter Heers sits down with me to discuss spirit of our age and the proper Orthodox response to secularism, ecumenism, modernism, cults, perennialism and more in this in-depth analysis.

I was honored to spend the day with Fr. Heers and discuss these pressing matters, as well as those relating the the EP and Ukraine, especially in relation to the recent Amazon Synod and the actions of idolatry, along with the future planned Humanist Meeting Pope Francis has in store.

Enjoy! His channel is here.

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