Follow Russian Faith's Instagram Account - See the Most Beautiful Images From Christian Russia

Russian Faith has long been curating a collection of the best of the best images to transport those who wish straight into the heart of Orthodox Russia, one of the most rivetingly beautiful and holiest places in the world

One of the best ways the other-worldly beauty of Russia's Christian world can be related is through images that transport you into a world where culture, art and architecture is saturated with so many centuries of faith and prayer that you can almost sense it.

Since Russian Faith was launched a year ago, we've been curating a collection of the most compelling images out there to share with our followers. 

And now, we've created an Instagram account to finally share them with our followers! It is already filling up with strikingly beautiful images coming out of Orthodox Russia. Please follow and share us!!

Church of the Intercession on the Nerl

Dunilovo, Ivanovskaya oblast

Monastic town


'The Vision to the Youth Bartholomew', 1890 (Mikhail Nesterov)

Solovetsky Monastery

Church of Saint Andrew (Vuoksa)

'Eternal Russia' (Ilya Glazunov, 1988)

Saint Petersburg

Kizhi Pogost

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