She Couldn't Forgive Her Father (Then Five Rubles Changed Everything)

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One day a woman of about fifty years old came to me for confession. When she was a twelve-year-old girl, her father had left their family, and throughout her life she hated him for this and did not communicate with him. 

He tried to establish a connection with his daughter, but she did not want to make contact. She cursed him, and she did not want to see him.

About forty years had passed, and her father had died. And so she came and began to explain:

“Of course, I understand that this is bad, but I am still offended by him.” 

I answered her in the standard way:

“Try to pray and repent. After all, vindictiveness is not good.”

Having told me about her father, she began to remember her childhood, and in the same confession casually mentioned that at the age of twelve she had stolen five rubles from her mother. So I asked her:

"Did you ask her for forgiveness for this?"

“No, I didn’t ask.”

"You have to ask!" - I insisted.

She objected:

“Mom lives in a little village, she’s over eighty years old, and she probably doesn’t remember anything anymore.”

But I still pushed:

"No, you need to go and ask for forgiveness."

Then I read a prayer over her, and we parted.

A few weeks later I saw the woman again. She came to me in a terrible state: she was all crying, she was literally shaking. She cried for a long time, but finally calmed down and said that she had come to her mother in the village and had brought up the issue:

“You know, Mom, when I was twelve years old, I took five rubles from your wallet and didn’t say anything, and recently I went to a priest for confession, and he told me to ask you for forgiveness.”

Mom began to cry and said:

“At one time, your father used to drink heavily - so much that he began to steal money. When you were nine, I couldn’t stand it and decided to kick him out. He asked for forgiveness, knelt down, and I gave him one last chance."

"After that, he quit drinking and he got a job. But when you were twelve years old, we were short five rubles. I asked you — you answered that you didn’t take it. Then I blamed my husband for everything, and we quarreled. After that he left and never came back."

When the woman found out everything, all her hatred for her father disappeared, and a whole freight train of guilt rolled up in its place. This is how the Lord opens our eyes.

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