Trump Imitates Democrats, Celebrates Homosexuality

We may be witnessing the greatest moral pivot of our time, and it may be the tipping point that brings about the end of America as we know it. Seemingly overnight, Democrat and Republican leaders are all waving rainbow flags, heralding the advent of Sodom.

America is quickly becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah, and as we fall headlong into the 2020 presidential election season, there are those of us who want to see it stop.

We know the liberal Democrats have been supporting degenerate homosexuals for years. The tragedy is that now we are given no other options, even from Republicans. On this crucial issue, Trump has sold the farm and joined forces with the Democrats.

It is obvious that this liberal madness is supported by Bernie and Buttigieg. But for some reason, it is less obvious (to some) that Trump is on the same bandwagon.

This issue is of utmost importance. Homosexual activists are causing the persecution of Christian families, threatening us in ways that no one else does. People are being denied employment, fired from their jobs, and denied the right to adopt children, merely because they don't agree with legalized sodomy. And new laws are being passed, putting parents at risk of losing their own children if they don't fully submit to the lavender mafia. This madness needs to be stopped, and it needs to be stopped now. 

Before Americans make voting decisions, they need to be informed — especially in regard to serious issues like this one. Multiple cultures have been destroyed because of homosexual sex, and we don't want to see the same thing happen to America. 

Here is an overview of Trump's history with the homosexual movement, both before and after his election as President of the United States. We will consider his views and activities in the Past, Present, & Future:

Past - Before Trump's Presidency:

Present - During Trump's Presidency:

Future - Looking to the Horizon, After Trump's Presidency:



1 — Trump Attends Homosexual "Marriage" Ceremony

In August 2015, an interview with Donald Trump was released, revealing his attendance at a homosexual "marriage" ceremony:

Interviewer: Have you been to a gay wedding?

Trump: "Yes, I have. [Broadway theater owner] Jordan Roth. You know Jordan, right? Great guy."

Interviewer: So is this a dead issue for the GOP at this point?

Trump: "Some people have hopes of passing amendments, but it's not going to happen . . . The Supreme Court ruled on it."

2 — Trump: Elton John Has a "Marriage That's Going to Work"

In April 2016, the New York Times released an article stating that Donald Trump’s More Accepting Views on Gay Issues Set Him Apart in G.O.P. — According to the article, Trump was excited about Elton John's homosexual relationship, and was eager to praise it:

Elton John and his longtime boyfriend, David Furnish, entered a civil partnership . . . Donald J. Trump, who had known the couple for years, took to his blog to express his excitement. "I know both of them, and they get along wonderfully. It's a marriage that's going to work," Mr. Trump wrote, adding: "I'm very happy for them. If two people dig each other, they dig each other."

It is [Trump's] views on gay rights and gay people that most distinguish Mr. Trump from previous Republican standard-bearers. He has nurtured long friendships with gay people, employed gay workers in prominent positions, and moved with ease in industries where gays have long exerted influence, like entertainment. "He will be the most gay-friendly Republican nominee for president ever," said Gregory T. Angelo, the president of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group that supports gay rights.

3 — Trump: Teaching Republicans to Embrace "Gay Rights"

In August 2016, the Washington Post released an article, explaining how Donald Trump is making significant changes to the Republican party, helping the party to get over its former aversion to sodomy:

Trump has essentially been offering a blueprint for how the GOP could eventually woo gay Americans . . . We have long known that gay rights are more of a generational issue than a partisan one. A 2014 poll showed that a majority — 61 percent — of Republican millennials support same-sex marriage.

Trump brought in Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel, who became the first openly gay speaker to affirm his sexual orientation onstage at a Republican National Convention. "I am proud to be gay," Thiel said that night, to cheers. "I am proud to be a Republican."

Trump himself said:

"As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBT citizens"

4 — Eric Trump Praises His Father's LGBT Rights Record as "Revolutionary"

In August 2016, Donald Trump's son was a guest on the CNBC "Squawk Box". He said that his father has pushed the Republican Party to be more LGBT inclusive. The video clip is on YouTube:

"We had a gay man speak at the RNC (Republican National Convention) and my father spent a lot of time talking about the LGBT community," Eric Trump said. "That is revolutionary for the Republican Party."

5 — Trump Waves Rainbow Flag: "LGBT for Trump"

On October 30, 2016, a week before the election, Donald Trump waved around a rainbow LGBT flag in front of a large crowd of supporters. On November 2, the Washington Times offered the following commentary:

Republican Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump made history Sunday and the political media barely noticed. Or maybe they did see it - but since it didn’t fit the narrative of what a Republican is supposed to look like they decided to ignore it.

On Sunday, at a rally in Colorado, Mr. Trump proudly held up a rainbow flag with the words “LGBT for Trump” written on it to a cheering crowd of thousands. It was an historic moment for gay equality and the Party of Lincoln as the 2016 GOP nominee for President of the United States held high the flag for gay equality. No other Republican Presidential nominee in history has embraced the LGBT community in such a loud and proud way.

And yet, the moment was barely reported by the media despite the fact it happened in front of the traveling press corps accompanying Mr. Trump. Political reporters, not unsurprising, largely failed to write on the moment where a Republican challenged their negative media stereotype.

But the moment was nevertheless historic. Trump walked on stage in Greeley, Colorado to a large cheering crowd when he spotted a rainbow flag in the audience. As the music blasted through the speakers, Mr. Trump pointed to a supporter as if to ask if he could see his flag and then motioned for a campaign worker to help retrieve the LGBT symbol of equality from the attendee.

Within seconds, Mr. Trump was walking around the platform with the rainbow flag in his hands and moments later unfurled it in full display. You could see a huge smile on Mr. Trump’s face as he walked to both sides of the stage to proudly hold up the rainbow flag announcing support from the gay and lesbian community.

Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller told me, “Mr. Trump is campaigning to be President for ALL Americans and was proud to carry the ‘LGBT for Trump‘ rainbow flag on stage in Greeley, CO yesterday. He will protect all Americans from the radical Islamic extremists who perpetuate hate and violence around the world, unlike Hillary Clinton who dangerously plans for open borders and has accepted millions of dollars from repressive regimes with a history of violence, discrimination and oppression against women, gays and minorities.”

6 — Trump Backtracks, Keeps Obama's LGBT Protections

On January 30, 2017, the Advocate released an article, pointing out the fact that Trump was caving in to demands from the homosexual lobby:

"Trump had promised to overturn all of Obama's executive orders but is making an exception after pressure from LGBT activists."

7 — Trump Picks Openly Homosexual Ambassador to NATO

On March 10, 2017, Life Site News released an article, revealing Trump's alarming selection for NATO ambassador:

President Trump has chosen open homosexual and “gay Christian” advocate Rick Grenell to be the U.S. Ambassador to NATO, according to several news reports. . . .

On LGBT issues, Trump has disappointed social conservatives by a series of actions that include reinstating an Obama executive order forcing federal contractors to have pro-LGBTQ policies; proclaiming that the homosexual “marriage” issue is “settled” in the courts; and appointing top advisers like Betsy DeVos and Anthony Scaramucci who are pro-homosexual.

In the following excerpts from the article, the ambassador's homosexual activitsm — and his outright twisting of Scripture — are very evident:

Grenell advocates for homosexual “marriage” as a “conservative” issue. He criticizes “loud religious right activists” who oppose homosexuality and touts Trump’s uniquely pro-LGBT credentials as a Republican.

when it comes to homosexuality, Grenell calls for greater “tolerance” in the Republican Party

he said, “I am gay, I am a Christian and I am still a man of faith.”

Grenell told Bream that biblical passages that historically have been interpreted as clearly proscribing homosexual practice actually do not mean that. The first chapter of the New Testament Book of Romans is one such passage.

“For so many Christians that I grew up with, they were focused on verses in the Bible that talked about homosexuality as a negative thing. And when you go back in and actually look at the original words for these verses, it wasn’t about being homosexual at all. It was about being deviant, or a prostitute,” he said. “And so there was no thought that you were going to be able to have a committed [homosexual] relationship.”

8 — Trump Celebrates LGBT Pride

With the famous power of a Trump Tweet, the President of the United States told the world that he celebrates LGBT Pride Month, and that he believes homosexuals have made "outstanding contributions" to this nation. 

Considering the fact that multiple cultures have been wiped off the face of the earth because of homosexual sex, it is horrifying to see such statements coming from the American president himself:

9 — Homosexual Group Changes Mind, Endorses Trump

An NBC News article says that the Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s largest collective of LGBTQ "conservatives", previously refused to support Trump back in 2016. But now that they have seen Trump's presidency in action, they have reversed their position, and they are now officially endorsing the re-election of President Donald Trump.

This LGBT group said that Trump has advanced LGBTQ rights and helped the GOP move past “culture wars” during his tenure. They praised Trump's "dedication to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community."

Robert Kabel, chairman of the group, and Jill Homan, its vice president, wrote that “for LGBTQ Republicans, watching the 2016 GOP convention before Donald Trump was like a dream fulfilled” and marked the beginning of Trump “taking bold actions that benefit the LGBTQ community.”

10 — Lesbian Judge, Nominated by Trump, Confirmed by Senate

On August 5, 2019, The Bay Area Reporter published an article, pointing out that Trump had nominated a lesbian to become a federal judge, and that the Senate had approved his appointment.

The article provides the following commentary:

President Donald Trump nominated Rowland in June 2018 — his first openly gay appointee to a federal judgeship. The Senate Judiciary Committee recommended Rowland's confirmation by a 16-5 vote, but the nomination was never advanced to the full Senate. . . . Then, in May of this year, the Trump administration re-submitted Rowland's nomination. The judiciary committee recommended her confirmation by a 14-8 vote, and the nomination sat on the Senate calendar until July 31. The nomination was approved along with about a dozen others, by a voice vote.

Rowland resides in Oak Park, Illinois with her spouse, Julie Justicz, and their two children. The questionnaire she filled out for the judiciary committee included mention that she is a member of the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago and was a member of Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund between 1992 and 2010. It noted she had made three presentations before the Chicago gay legal group and spoke to a law firm about her "path to the bench as an out lesbian" in June 2017. And she has worked on several Democratic campaigns.

At Rowland's confirmation hearing last August, Durbin introduced her, saying she was a "trailblazer ... inspiring a generation of LGBTQ attorneys who watched her break glass ceilings with fearlessness and determination." He and Duckworth welcomed "Mary's wife, Julie Justicz," to the hearing, noting that their children were off at school.

11 — Homosexual Judge, Nominated by Trump to 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court

On October 16, 2018, NBC News published an article about Trump's homosexual appointment to one of the most powerful federal courts in America.

Trump nominated Patrick Bumatay to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, based in San Francisco, the nation’s largest federal appeals court. Prior to this nomination, the only openly homosexual federal court judge was Todd Hughes, nominated by President Barack Obama in 2013. Bumatay is a member of the Tom Homann LGBT Law Association.

Gregory T. Angelo, president of Log Cabin Republicans — a "conservative" homosexual group — applauded Trump’s nomination:

“As someone who has personally known Patrick for the better part of a decade, I can tell you I will have great personal satisfaction to see him seated on the bench on the 9th circuit,” Angelo told NBC News. “Patrick is highly qualified, and the fact that he is openly gay only adds to the historic nature of his nomination.”

12 — Trump Says He Would Vote for a Homosexual to be President

On February 13, 2020, Trump said he would be willing to vote for a homosexual man to become President of the United States. The following day, NBC News reported on his comments.

If Trump has it his way, it may not be long before the White House looks like this again:

Of course, I am not suggesting that Trump is just as bad as the Democrats. Indeed, many of the Democrats are even worse. At least Trump gave us Gorsuch and Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court. I cringe to imagine what dark souls would have been nominated if Hillary had been president. And while Trump has appointed some homosexual activists as federal judges, he has also appointed some judges who don't support the homosexual agenda. So it's a mix.

Granted, the Democrats are even more vile. But that is hardly an endorsement for Trump. A rat infestation might be worse than a mouse infestation, but when I find mouse turds on a sandwich, that doesn't mean I'm willing to eat it.

Homosexual "Marriage" — The Great Moral Pivot of Our Time

What greatly concerns me, is that we may be witnessing the greatest moral pivot of our time. And it may be the tipping point that brings about the end of America as we know it. Seemingly overnight, the Democrat and Republican leaders are both waving rainbow flags, heralding the advent of Sodom.

Not only did the Supreme Court suddenly make the acceptance of "homosexual marriage" mandatory nationwide, but both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates — in both 2016 and 2020 — caved into the homosexual agenda, with hardly a whimper.

Meanwhile, they distract us with endless debates over other topics that — while important — are less important than this one central moral issue.

It almost makes me wonder if the devil was sitting around asking himself,

How can I trick tens of millions of Christians into jumping on the homosexual "marriage" bandwagon? How can I get them so distracted with other issues, that they don't even realize the entire moral foundation has shifted beneath them?

Most people probably never saw it coming. You just wake up one morning, and both major political parties now accept homosexual "marriages" as a given. And they suddenly feel like it's not even a topic worth focusing on.

Yet it is an issue so significant that St. John Chrysostom — one of the most beloved Saints in Christian history — said this sin is an abomination worse than murder. He said that sodomy is so horrific that it caused hell to appear on earth early, before its time.

No other issue threatens to bring about the widespread persecution of Christians. We need to take this issue very seriously, and not be distracted by issues of lesser importance. Archeologists confirmed just what happened to Sodom, and we don't want to see our country end the same way, in flames.

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