Lovely Christian Family Film from Russia - Better than Disney (English Subtitles)

Action, romance, and traditional family values! Prince Peter valiantly slays dragons, while his faithful wife skillfully heals people with herbs and prayer. Peter & Fevronia are the patron saints of Christian marriage and family. This is a must-see film for children of all ages, from 6 to 106.

This article from our archives was first published on RI in September 2022

Have you ever wished that films would combine the moral quality of traditional Christianity with the production quality of Pixar and Disney? If so, then your wish has come true! This spectacular film is now available, and your family can watch it in the link provided below. 

In this tremendous film, the main characters not only fight dragons — they also pray to the Lord for deliverance from the great trials and troubles that come their way. The strength and beauty of Christian marriage is front and center throughout the story. Even while including many fantastic action scenes, the movie still reminds the viewer that faith, love, and fidelity are the most powerful weapons of all:  

This beautiful film came to Russian theaters in 2017. And now in 2020, Russian Faith has released this wonderful movie with English subtitles! This film is not historical — many things were added to the story, making it into a dramatic motion picture. Some parts of the story were inspired by the lives of Peter & Fevronia, but this particular movie is only loosely based on the historical accounts. Nevertheless, it is an uplifting film that does justice to the traditional values of patience, honesty, love, marriage, bravery, mercy, prayer, and a deep faith in Christ.

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Modern Russia is experiencing Christian revival on an unprecedented scale, and it is positively influencing every aspect of the culture. In less than 30 years, they have built over 30,000 new churches, overt displays of Christian faith are displayed in public places like restaurants and banks, and as you can see here, they are producing spectacular full-length movies which honor traditional family values. 

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