Spectacular New Children's Movie - Saints Peter & Fevronia! (Trailer #2)

Faith, love, courage, and dragon slaying!

When ancient Christian culture melds with matchless storytelling and professional modern animation, what magnificent results might we expect?

This is it! — A stunning new animated action film about the adventures and intrigues of Saints Peter & Fevronia. Here is the latest trailer, just now released with English subtitles:

The second trailer is shown above. Want to see more snapshots and sneak peeks of the upcoming film? Here is a link to the first trailer:

In 2017, Russian theaters debuted this incredible movie, and now in 2020, Russian Faith is releasing this excellent film with English subtitles! This film is not historical — many things were added to the story, making it into a dramatic motion picture. Some parts of the story were inspired by the lives of Peter & Fevronia, but this particular movie is only loosely based on historical accounts. Nevertheless, it is an uplifting film that does justice to the traditional values of patience, honesty, love, marriage, bravery, mercy, prayer, and a deep faith in Christ.

UPDATE: The full Peter & Fevronia movie has now been released in HD, with English subtitles! Here is the link: