Russia Awards 'Best Families' of 2017 in Nationwide Competition

The Family of the Year is a national competition organized by the Russian government since 2016. It is a part of the national program which is aimed at increasing the prestige of a conscious family life, traditional values and having children

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Right now, the question and support of the family unit is an incredibly important ethical and political question in Russia, discussed consistently both at the governmental and the local fronts. On this question, the Church and the government’s goals coincide: the government needs a population increase whereas the church wants the Christian family to raise Russians morally and spiritually. From the start, 2018 has marked a flurry of activity on the subject, so there is a constant flow of news on this question, naturally ignored by the Western media in its anti-Russian hype. We want to keep abreast you of what’s going on. Let us know whether this topic interests you in the comments!

Moscow honoured the winners of the competition Family of the Year.

Two months ago, the 85 best Russian families, the winners of the second Russian national competition called Family of the year 2017, were awarded in Moscow. Of course, there were a lot more families сompeting, but only 322 of them reached the final, coming from all regions of the country.

The Family of the Year is a national competition organized by the Russian government since 2016. It is a part of the national programme which is aimed at increasing the prestige of a conscious family life, traditional values and having children.

The competition encourages families from all of the regions to lead an active social, intellectual and spiritual life, and keep traditions alive throughout several generations. The competitors have to show their talents on the stage as well as tell their family history. The winners are chosen in several nominations and awarded with prizes and diplomas.

The Pushkin's family - named the 'Golden Russian Family' for their enthusiasm and creativity

Yurii and Valentina Pushkin, who won the nomination Golden Russian Family, are sure that the most important thing in a family is the ability to share physical and spiritual pain as well as be glad and inspire each other every day.

‘Love with dignity. Be able to restrain your stubbornness. Learn to concede in an argument’, advises Valentina Pushkina to the youth.

The Vinogradov family, who won the title of Countryside Family,  live in a small village in the Vologda region, with a total population of not more than 35 registered people. Seven of those people  are Elena, Anatoliy and their 5 children.

‘We have our own household, chicks, geese, cows’, Elena describes  her life. ‘In our free time we arrange festivals and fairs to brighten up the life in the village. We renovated a deserted church there and now the Divine services are held there’.

the Vinogradov family were nominated an exemplary Russian 'Countryside Family' 

Also, Elena Vinogradova addressed to the Children’s Public Defender a request to initiate an amendment to legislation, that would allow multi-child families have the choice either to get land or money compensation according to the law.

A lot of families can’t afford to buy a tractor to farm multiple acres, but they could spend the alotted money on building a house instead.

The Klimentov family from the Rostov region won the loudest applause. Aleksey, Senior priest of the St. George’s Church in Sandate village, and his wife (presvytera) are bringing up 6 of their own and 12 adopted children.

the Klimentov family - a model 'Multi-Children Family' and a priest's family to the bargain

‘We have only one dream – to have all the children healthy’, says Svetlana. ‘ Two of our children are physically challenged with epilepsy and oncology. And, as for all the rest , we have everything in life. The children go to school. The older ones entered  Moscow  institutes, the teenagers do professional sports, singing and dancing. Would you like us to sing you a capella?’

The Taleev family from Naryan-Mar amazed everybody with their national costumes and inspired everyone with their optimism.

‘We are just very lucky. In everything. At first, we got twins, then built a house, met 5 brothers from a children’s asylum, took them into our family and the went round’, Veronika Taleeva says.

Anna Kuznetsova noticed, that only mothers were talking about their families.

‘I know for sure how much effort and sleepless nights stand behind the success of children you are talking about. That is why I would like to wish all the mothers health. And also it is important to have a strong and reliable husband’s hand’, Anna concludes.

This article was adapted from the following Russian news source

The Taleevs - another wonderful 'Multi-Child Family' with strong traditions 

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