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The World Wide Return to Patriarchy and the Rise of Conservative Society

Why? Because conservatives are having babies, while homosexuals and feminists aren't

Originally appeared at: Turley Talks

In this video, Dr. Steve Turley, a swiftly rising YouTube sensation and writer, is the herald of good news (check out his fascinating blog and his YT channel!). There is a worldwide return to traditional values, and that can be explained by a very simple truth: 

The liberals are dying out. The gays and the feminists just aren't having children. In the meantime, the people who believe in conservative, traditional values, are--and more of them than you think.

So there's a lot of beauty and promise in our world today. According to Dr. Steve, it's undergoing "re-traditionalization"; there is a worldwide shift back to the traditional values of religion, nation, and family. (If you're interested how this process is happening in Russia specifically, make sure you check out his article A Pro-Life Russia Emerges)