The Fascinating, Very Traditional Lifestyle of 'Russian Amish,' Old Believers (RT Documentary)

See the lives of the most traditional Russian Christian communities for yourself

This beautifully made RT documentary offers a fascinating and rare look into the strong, traditional Christian community of the Old Believers.

Old Believers object to official schooling, barely use technology, and their entire life is built around Christian values and tradition. They have large families and dress traditionally; phones and washing machines are forbidden.  Children do not attend school and are taught to read religious books in Old Slavonic, an old, complex language used in Russian Church services.

In recent years, many have returned to Russia, their historical and beloved homeland, from Bolivia, Uruguay and other countries, to which they immigrated to escape the godless Soviet regime. 

This video sympathetically and beautifully shows how they live, how they teach their children, structure their days, pray, and build families. 

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