Raising Boys is a Man's Job - Why Dads Need to Take the Lead in Raising Sons

Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

The Patriarchal Commission on Family, Childhood and Parenthood has published an extensive article specially dedicated to raising boys with an intent to bring parents’ attention to the issue.

Raising boys is naturally a man’s job. This was the case in old Russia in every social group. Boys from the lower classes, simply due to life circumstances, quickly plunged into the male environment, joining men's affairs.

A textbook poem by 19 century Russian poet Nekrasov stands an eloquent witness to the fact: its character of just six (!) years old is leading a horse-driven sledge loaded with firewood from the woods as an equal partner to his father in his work.

Later, however, things have changed, and education became a purely female occupation, be it in school of in families. As the result, millions of today's boys have no male influence in the most important period of their development, when they have stereotypes of gender-role behavior.

Mothers and grandmothers certainly love their little ones (disregarding them rapidly growing up into the big ones…) – but their love is way too often is selfish. They bring kids up for themselves, the way they feel comfortable with – and, by suppressing masculinity in boys, women distort and deface their male nature.

Visit a playground and watch those kids who are there with their fathers. Notice the reaction of the fathers when boys fall down or suffer any other setbacks. They do not discourage sons from a dangerous place, but help them overcome difficulties, encourage them rather than hold back. This is the male behavior, urgently needed for today’s boys.

…Yes, in our times more and more mothers, victims of divorce, have to raise their boys alone – and this message is addressed to them as well as to those who have full families. Make a correction to your immediate feelings. Think of your boys as tomorrow’s men, husbands, fathers.

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