Putin Personally Awards Priest's Family with Seven Children with 'Order of Parental Glory'

Every year, Russia honors large families, giving them awards and national recognition. This year, President Vladimir Putin gave an award to a priest's family from Mordovia

On International Children's Day — June 1, 2018 — Russian President Vladimir Putin presented the Order of Parental Glory to exemplary families from eight different regions of Russia. 

One of the awards went to the family of Fr. Gennady, an archpriest from Mordovia. He and his wife Olga are raising seven children.

Father Gennady is the rector of St. Michael the Archangel, a village church in the town of Shiringushi. His wife Olga teaches Sunday school. Their eldest son Peter works for a nearby agricultural company. Their daughter Anna is a student at St. Tikhon's Orthodox University in Moscow. Their children Aristarch, Ekaterina, Ilya, and Valentina are still in school. Their youngest daughter, Masha, is almost five.

In the village of Shiringushi, the Ursovy family does their best to set a good example. They have a spacious home and garden, as well as a working farm, complete with livestock and poultry.

The children work together with their parents, helping with everything around the farm. They also find time for schoolwork and music lessons.

At the Moscow Kremlin, the whole family experienced a festive ceremony. Seven other Russian families also received awards. According to news reports, the President of Russia encouraged all the families, stressing that the upbringing of children is a very important job, demanding colossal devotion, patience, strength, and constant work on oneself.

Putin said,

In order to teach children the virtues ​​of goodness, justice, and diligence, parents must prove fidelity to these values day by day with their own, personal examples. Only in this way it is possible to raise a truly wholesome person, a worthy citizen of Russia. And your families are the best proof of this.

The Order of Parental Glory was established in Russia, in May 2008. This award is presented to parents who raise seven or more children, and who provide an exemplary level of care for their children's health, education, and spiritual development.

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