Experienced Gynecologist Explains: Modern Contraception is a Silent Genocide

As an obstetrician-gynecologist with 40 years of work experience . . . I consider it a crime to use female sex hormones, not only for contraceptive purposes, but also for so-called "therapeutic purposes", such as the regulation of menstrual function in girls, the treatment of youthful acne and painful menstruation, “replacement therapy” in the premenopausal and postmenopausal periods, etc.

The harm from such a “treatment” so exceeds the expected benefits that it loses its right to exist. Of course, if you burn the house down, then there will never be a fire inside it. If you destroy a woman's reproductive system, then the difficulties associated with its functioning will also be reduced. But what is this, if not genocide?

Translated by Kimberly Gleason

This article from our archives was first published on RI in June 2019

EDITOR'S NOTE: A leading obstetrician-gynecologist from St. Petersburg spoke about the mass genocide of people with the help of modern contraception. The report was made at the XVIII Asia-Pacific Congress on Faith, Family and Life.

As an obstetrician-gynecologist with 40 years of work experience, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the effect on the health and ability to bear children of several generations born before my eyes, due to the widespread use of various contraceptives.

To begin with, I would like to clarify the meaning of the term itself: contraception. These are means, ways, or behaviors that prevent the conception of a child.

But over the past decade, a thriving contraceptive industry has begun to issue contraceptives and technologies that are not contraceptives. That is, they do not lead to the promised contraception, but contribute to the destruction of life that had already begun.

And what is this if not genocide?

This is something I will have to explain. Although each of us received an education in regard to outward physical activity, I am still convinced that not everyone thoroughly knows where children come from. Therefore, I will take time to discuss it in more detail.

I will not now deal with questions of psychology, religion, the destruction of the institution of the family in the modern world, ways of restoring this institution, and so on. This has already been spoken about a lot.

But precisely from the point of view of the physiology of the process of childbirth, it is necessary to know that the brain is the most important reproductive organ in humans. It is from here that the impulses emanate, which contribute to the development of the appropriate organs and systems in the body of a man and a woman, which are necessary for preparing for the conception, bearing, and birth of a child.

In the modern world, which considers comfort and pleasure to be the top priorities, the instinct of procreation (without which humanity cannot survive) is oppressed in every way. First it affects the central nervous system, and it thus reduces a person's ability to bear children.

Today it is easily confirmed by studies of demographers: Only in some countries in Africa, South America, and the island states are the birth rates high enough to ensure the continued maintenance of the present population. In most other countries (and especially in developed countries) the birth rate is below the maintenance level. That is, humanity is dying out. This is not a quick process. It will last longer than a human life.

But we are responsible for what will happen to humanity in 200-300 years. You just need to look a little bit wider at this problem and ask yourself the question:

“What exactly can I do to ensure that my great-grandchildren and great-great-great-grandchildren live? In what conditions and in what environment will they live?”

It is for this purpose that I want to detail the physiology of the birth of a new person, so that you can see the problem from a slightly different angle.

In order to bring a new person into the world, it is first necessary for the intended parents to desire to do so. Then it is necessary to merge the male and female germ cells (conceiving a new life). Then we need proper conditions for carrying the pregnancy, and ultimately for the birth of this new person.

Ideally, before the conception, it is necessary to create a family — an indissoluble union of a man and a woman, based on mutual love, loyalty, trust, mutual understanding, and support, and readiness to propagate the race. Then you need to create a space of love in which you can receive the child. Only then is it safe to create the conditions for conception. Today, unfortunately, this often happens in a completely different sequence, and not all stages are present.

But still, it is important to know that for conception, a male germ cell is needed (a sperm cell), and a female cell (an egg cell). In the male body, starting from puberty and almost to the end of life, new sperm cells are generated continuously. They have a lifespan of about 3 months, after which they die and are eliminated from the body naturally, or are removed during intimacy by ejaculation.

Female germ cells (in an immature state) are in a girl's ovaries from the time she is born, and no new egg cells are generated afterwards. Her body contains about a thousand times more than will be needed throughout her life. In each menstrual cycle, an egg cell matures and is released from the ovary (in rare cases two eggs are released). The release of an egg cell is called ovulation.

Going from an immature state to a fully mature state, the egg cell is only capable of being fertilized for 6 days, and only in these 6 days conditions are created in the female body to preserve the life of sperm before ovulation. On the remaining days of the cycle, there are no conditions for sperm cell survival in the female body. After ovulation, the egg lives only a day, after which it dies and is removed from the body, like all other dead cells. Naturally, after the death of the egg, conception becomes impossible.

No calculations can predict the exact date of ovulation for any specific woman in any given menstrual cycle. If in the days preceding ovulation there was a marital affinity, the likelihood of conception is high, otherwise a new cycle will begin approximately two weeks after the death of the egg.

All these processes are regulated in the woman’s body by the successive production of different sex hormones by different hormone-producing organs. This is a very complex self-regulating process that influences and depends on all other hormonal glands that are not directly involved in the work of the childbearing function.

Now, having recaptured the physiology of the reproductive function of a man and a woman, let's see what contraceptives offer us to prevent unwanted conception, but at the same time not to deny ourselves the pleasure of joining spontaneously when they want, and not only in those days in which conception is impossible physiologically. Moreover, it is necessary to learn to recognize these days, and this knowledge is inaccessible.

Let me offer you a simple classification of contraceptive methods and methods. The fact is that if we are talking about contraception, then, strictly speaking, this implies the creation of the complete impossibility of meeting the spermatozoon with the egg cell.

From this point of view, abstinence is the most reliable method of contraception. But the contraceptive industry offers us the following remedies:

Barriers (condoms, caps, membranes), that is, such means that promise the absence of sperm into the woman's body. Here slyness begins. The fact is that such means do not exist, since for this purpose elastic tensile materials are offered, which obviously cannot be impenetrable, otherwise they would not stretch. And the holes that ensure the extensibility of these products (micropores) have a diameter greater than the diameter of the sperm head about one and a half times, and tens of times larger than the size of viruses and pathogenic microbes. Therefore, all these products on the day of ovulation do not provide the promised contraceptive effect, but only reduce a little the chance to conceive a child, and they are not at all a means of protection against sexually transmitted infections.

Another group of contraceptives is chemical spermicides. That is, pastes and creams that have an acidic environment, unsuitable for sperm. But here we are waiting for disappointment. In those days, when the process of maturation of the egg occurs, a physiological alkalization of spermatozoa penetration paths takes place in the body of a woman. In order to neutralize this natural environment and make it rather acidic, very aggressive acidic environments are necessary, which are intolerable for the delicate tissues of the female reproductive tract. Consequently, in the most fertile days, spermicides are not able to provide a contraceptive effect.

Well, the most aggressive and often irreversible method of contraception is male and female sterilization. From my point of view, this is an extremely harmful and unnecessary operation, moreover, it does not give a 100% guarantee against conception, since much depends on the surgeon. And the psychological harm from this operation is immeasurably great (to live with the constant awareness of our inability to ever become a parent is not something everyone can do).

So-Called Contraceptives

And now let's consider the means which are called contraceptives, but not providing this effect, which instead cause the cessation of life already begun, in fact — infanticide. And in many cases, it also destroys the health of the mother. 

There are various types of these so-called "contraceptives":

Intrauterine tab (or spiral). According to the doctor recommending this tool, the intrauterine insert prevents the sperm from meeting with the egg.

But this is already an open lie, since the tab is inserted into the uterine cavity, while fertilization takes place earlier, in the fallopian tube. The microscopic dimensions of the sperm allow it to freely penetrate the fallopian tube, even without “noticing” such an obstacle as the helix.

Therefore conception occurs naturally, but after about a week the embryo reaches the uterus, and the spiral located there makes it impossible for the embryo to attach to the uterine wall and develop. The fetus dies, and there is a miscarriage, which the woman assumes is just another menstruation.

For this reason, the intrauterine tab should never be called a "contraceptive". 100% of the time, this method causes abortions.

The second large group of early-abortion remedies are hormonal contraceptives. We will dwell on them in more detail. Naturally, any supporter of hormonal contraceptives will argue with me very actively, arguing that they are not abortive means.

But let's reason logically. Before our eyes the last 50-60 years, the development and improvement of these resources has been taking place. We keep hearing about "second generation pills", "third generation pills", the "latest hormonal contraceptives" . . . etc. And contraceptives frequently emphasize how each newer generation contains lower and lower doses of hormones. How do these drugs function?

After all, this is the main promise of a contraceptive: Creating conditions where it will be impossible for an egg cell to reach maturity. Then indeed it will provide a contraceptive effect.

But for this to happen, it is necessary to introduce relatively high doses of synthetic hormones (analogous to hormones produced by the ovaries), in order to completely suppress the production of these hormones by the ovaries themselves.

But these natural ovarian hormones are involved in the general hormonal regulation of all processes in the body, and not only in creating conditions for childbirth.

Thus, the first generation of pills used in the 1960s & 1970s really gave a contraceptive effect, but produced too many side effects in the woman's body, frequently leading to rapid disability and sometimes death.

This prompted a phased reduction in the number of hormones in the pill, resulting in modern minimal doses that do not lead to inhibition of ovulation, and therefore do not interfere with conception — but they often lead to the impossibility of carrying and conceiving a child. And just like with a spiral, a woman has a miscarriage in the early period of pregnancy, resulting in what the woman believes to be just another menstruation.

It is unlikely that we will ever know the exact numbers, giving a complete picture of the effects of hormonal contraceptives on the reproductive functions of women. But the fact that it destroys her health, I think is no secret to anyone.

After age 40, as a general rule, many women have non-fatal diseases unrelated to childbearing — problems with cardiovascular activity, instability of the nervous system, problems with vision or hearing, joint pain, abnormal functioning of the excretory system and metabolism, etc. As a rule, doctors of various specialties do not associate these diseases with the use of hormonal contraceptives, although the parallel here suggests itself.

My goal is not to tell you in detail the classification of hormonal contraceptives used. They are in the form of pills, injections, implants, so-called intrauterine devices containing hormones, they are cyclic with the need to receive every day and prolonged, there are means of so-called emergency contraception, used after the fact of proximity with frankly abortive intent, etc. They can contain either one analogue of the ovarian hormone, or two in different proportions and dosages. The underlying essence does not change.

With an unbiased analysis, the main conclusion is this: The synthetic female sex hormones, given for contraceptive purposes, do not have a contraceptive effect, but mostly have an abortive effect. In addition, they contribute to the destruction of women's health.

And this is absolutely incompatible with the role and function of a doctor. After all, we are called to stand on guard of human health and life. Yet it turns out that we do everything in order to destroy a woman's health, and contribute to the cessation of life that has just begun.

Let's discuss one more danger of early termination of pregnancy, about which very little is said.

Immediately after the fertilization of the egg (conception), the rapid division of the embryo cells begins in order to prepare the “material” from which the baby’s organs and systems will soon be formed. This is still a set of low-differentiated (not knowing its purpose) cells. Only after 2-3 weeks from conception they will begin to receive their differentiation (muscles, connective tissue, glands, nerve cells, etc.).

But the same process of division (the formation of new cells, still poorly differentiated) occurs in other organs of the pregnant mother: in the uterus, mammary glands, and other organs that will work with a greater load during pregnancy. These cells also do not immediately become highly differentiated — at first just the number of cells accumulates.

If in this early period (2-4 weeks after conception) there is an interruption of pregnancy (no matter what the reason), then the poorly differentiated cells in the maternal organism remain without their purpose — these are potentially malignant cells in the future. That is, early abortions of pregnancy automatically lead to an increase in the risk of developing malignant neoplasms in women.

There are no such diseases and conditions that would require treatment with synthetic female sex hormones.

And there is no excuse for the modern health care system, which has given the obstetrician-gynecologist an appalling choice: Either become a killer and a pest to the health of a woman and her child, or else leave the profession.

The use of hormones for any purpose, as a general rule, eventually leads to infertility. Even if these drugs are used for a while, and then later there is a pregnancy and a successful childbirth, often the children are born with reduced opportunities for reproduction.

I think that any honest doctor who has long been observing the change in the level of health of new generations will notice that today children are born more weakened than 30-40 years ago, and problems with the functioning of the reproductive system of both men and women have increased significantly. One may speak about the harm of ecology, genetically modified food, poor-quality water, etc.

But we must also take into account the direct harm of modern contraception. I consider it a crime to use female sex hormones, not only for contraceptive purposes, but also for so-called "therapeutic purposes", such as the regulation of menstrual function in girls, the treatment of youthful acne and painful menstruation, “replacement therapy” in the premenopausal and postmenopausal periods, etc.

The harm from such a “treatment” so exceeds the expected benefits that it loses its right to exist. Of course, if you burn the house down, then there will never be a fire inside it. If you destroy a woman's reproductive system, then the difficulties associated with its functioning will also be reduced. But what is this, if not genocide?

The third — the last type of so-called contraceptive technology — is the officially permitted termination of pregnancy (abortion) available in the vast majority of countries. This too is considered a duty of obstetrician-gynecologists. This is called: "the right of a woman to control her life and body."

And who will take care of the rights of a child who cannot stand up for himself?

And we haven't even talked about the rights of the father, without which this conception would be impossible. In current legislation, where is the clause requiring a father's consent, in order to have an abortion?

Here I would like to say a few words about the struggle against abortion in many countries, and the struggle to ban them. Today, modern technologies make it possible to interrupt an early pregnancy with the help of shock doses of hormones (the so-called medical abortion, bashfully replaced by the term: “menstrual cycle regulation”). Although this method often includes the use of tools to empty the uterine cavity in order to prevent more formidable complications, these details do not stop modern "doctors."

Until nations update their constitutions, protecting human life from the moment of conception until natural death, no struggle against abortions will lead to the desired result.

Today, the only such protection I know of is in the constitution of Hungary, which should be admired by all.

In this forum, I propose the following resolution, which is a fact that has long been recognized by science:

Human life begins from the moment of the fusion of the cell nuclei of the male and female germ cells, that is, from the moment of conception. From that moment on, it should be protected by the state. Any attempt on a person’s life must be prosecuted.

Summing up the conversation about modern contraceptives and technologies, I would like to say that the most significant and terrible consequence is infertility, or reduced fertility, i.e. the impossibility of future conception and pregnancy for those couples where contraception has been used for some time.

Let me remind you that contraceptives are prescribed by an obstetrician-gynecologist. This is his "duty" in our modern society. But later, this same woman or this same couple will come to the obstetrician-gynecologist with an infertility problem.

IVF: In Vitro Fertilitzation

And now modern medicine is working with even more terrible technologies, such as the artificial conception of children. At first it was called “in vitro fertilization”, and then this procedure was simply called IVF, and now it is termed "IVF innovative technology".

IVF is a global experiment on human beings, with unpredictable consequences.

I am afraid that even doctors working in the so-called “family planning centers” do not fully realize the harm they cause. After all, they believe that they are carrying out a noble mission: They give infertile parents an opportunity to have a child.

Sadly, the activities in these planning centers often lead to an increase in the number of infertile couples.

From a bird's eye view, let's look at the IVF procedure itself. First, a woman's body is given a massive injection of hormones, unnaturally stimulating her body to release a greater number of egg cells than are usually produced during a normal cycle.

Then a sperm is surgically introduced into the egg (whereas in nature, the egg “selects” the sperm from a large number of applicants). Then an embryo (in most cases multiple embryos) are introduced into the uterus in the hope that the pregnancy will progress.

Unfortunately, doctors working in family planning centers often do not properly explain the whole chain of harmful effects on the body of a woman and a child. One doctor examines the health of future parents, another carries out hormonal stimulation of hyperovulation, the next one monitors the growth of eggs in the ovary with ultrasound (with unsafe effects on the reproductive cells), the next removes eggs from the ovary, the next inserts sperm into the eggs, etc.

At the same time, no doctor is ultimately responsible for anything, because a release form is taken from potential parents, stating that they are informed about the imperfection of the methodology.

There are losses of life at each stage: Not all fertilized eggs live to the stage of implantation in the uterus, not all implanted embryos live to the term of birth, and sometimes you have to solve the difficult question of killing "extra" embryos, if they all continue to develop.

Moreover, we must not forget that hormones have to be artificially injected into the woman's body at every stage of this process. Otherwise, prolonging the pregnancy would become impossible.

As a result, with IVF, only about 5% of fertilized eggs survive all the way until birth as a viable child.

The aggressive injection of hormones throughout the process ultimately has a detrimental effect on the health of the newborn. The most harmful effect is on the reproductive function of born "artificial" IVF children.

All too often, children conceived in vitro cannot have offspring. But here a huge psychological problem arises: Later, when one of these IVF children is grown and becomes a spouse, how will they create their own families? They will inevitably have the same problem — infertility. What is this if not genocide?

Is there any observation of the long-term results of such experiments? Or are they classified? Only by word of mouth, we know about the many problems that arise in families where children conceived in vitro were born. There are an abundance of broken families, numerous childhood diseases, reduced social adaptation, reduced ability to learn, and so on.

I would not want to end on such a pessimistic note. Therefore, I consider it my duty to say that there are well-developed and statistically verified methods of recognizing fertile days of the month. On any day, with proper use, any married couple can know whether or not conception is possible on that particular day.

These methods do not require financial expenditure, are not harmful to the health of men or women, completely eliminate the need for using any contraceptive means and methods, do not take time and effort, provide the desired conception for couples with reduced fertility, and also allow a couple to postpone the conception of the next child until a desired time. It is only necessary to educate those who wish to receive this knowledge. And this is a significantly lower cost compared to “ECO-innovative reproductive technologies”.

I wish all the participants of the congress good health and strength for a long and fruitful work aimed at the benefit of future generations.

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