Fleeing Degenerate Germany For Family-Friendly Russia

Arrested and warned to leave Germany because his children wouldn't participate in explicit sexual education classes, this father took his family elsewhere, finding freedom in Russia.


A family from Germany decided to move to the Stavropol region [in Russia]. The Martens family, having many children, couldn't settle down in their historic homeland because of the difference in upbringing traditions. The children refused to attend sex education classes. The father was put under arrest, fined, and was advised to leave the country. 

Andrey Christyakov reports on how the Martens settled in a new place. 

Andrey Christyakov: A real theatrical performance awaited the Martens in the airport. The forced migrants call themselves "Russian-Germans". Louisa and Evgeniy had been taken to Germany by their repatriated parents. The young people were uncomfortable with European values and universal "freedoms" when they became a family and started raising their own kids. 

Evgeniy Martens: Our daughter said to us that her teacher told them that she was living with another woman. You see? And she passes on such an approach to the children. 

Andrey Christyakov: The house, which Evgeniy helped to fix this summer, was offered to the German family by one of the Stavropol residents. The story of Evgeniy and Louisa's difficult return didn't leave him indifferent. 

Vladimimir Pluboyarenko, Stravropol resident: I am a Christian. The family turned to us for help. They have gone through hardships, and they had some bad experiences in the Novosibirsk region. That's why I think we should show them some hospitality here in the Caucasus.

Andrey Christyakov: "They will live [here] as long as they need to," the owner of the house tells us, showing us the storeroom of the house. The supplies that the residents are bringing will last the family about a month. 

Owner: Some nice people brought more candy, enough for two kindergartens. 

Andrey Christyakov: The fatigue from the journey disappeared when the migrants saw their temporary housing. There is enough room for everybody. 

Evgeniy Martens: It's cozy, right? Very homelike atmosphere. 

Andrey Christyakov: What the European guests didn't expect is to meet civil servants from the local government. They promised assistance. The family hopes that they've moved for the last time and that the southern part of our country will become their second home. 

Andrey Christyakov, Evgeniy Radov, Vesti, from Stavropol.

The Martens Family

English language transcription by Dormition Professional Services.