Georgians Festively Celebrate Cancelation of LGBT March (VIDEO)

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

Traditional Georgians took to the streets yesterday to celebrate the cancelation of the Tbilisi Pride “March of Dignity” that was scheduled to take place in the Georgian capital yesterday.

Opponents of the march and the week of LGBT propaganda events leading up to it gathered in the center of Tbilisi to celebrated the failed march with music, songs, and dances, reports RBC.

The event was canceled after thousands gathered in central Tbilisi in protest, with some incidences of violence occurring. Several people were injured, and protestors broke into Tbilisi Pride offices and tore up an LGBT flag.

Opponents of the “March of Dignity” also threw explosives into the courtyard of a NGO building, as Sputnik-Georgia reports with reference to local Georgian media. Journalists and organizers of the march were present during the incident. One girl was injured in the explosion and received medical care.

The Georgian Church has issued several statements in the past few days condemning the violence that has occurred, calling on all to remain prayerful and peaceful, while unequivocally condemning the propagation of immorality and the interference of Western powers in Georgian affairs. The Church promised to deal with any clergy who may have called for violence.

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