Russia Trending to the Right: Rejection of LGBT Increasing in Russia, Decreasing in America

Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

A few years ago, I was telling a woman about my family’s reasons for leaving America and moving to Russia. I told her about the trend of homosexuals persecuting Christians, and I said that in America, things are only getting worse.

Her response? She said, “Coming soon to a country near you!”

She really believed that if America was going down the tubes, then Russia must be going down the tubes as well. She simply couldn’t fathom the possibility that a nation could repent and make better choices than America does.

I have heard similar comments from other people on numerous occasions. People see the moral decline in America moving forth with breakneck speed. They don’t dispute it. But for some reason, they are America-centric in their geopolitical assumptions. If there is a negative trend in America, they assume (without evidence) that the same negative things are happening everywhere in the world.

The Myth: “If it’s happening in America, it must be happening everywhere!”

The Truth: Russia and America are moving in opposite directions.

America has thrown traditional family values to the curb, while Russia is returning to its roots, growing more and more traditional on questions related to marriage and the family.

According to public opinion polls conducted by the Levada Center, over the past few years the trend in Russia has been firmly in opposition to the homosexual community, choosing instead to support traditional marriage and traditional family values.

A 2019 poll revealed that 47% of Russians were in favor of equal rights for homosexuals and lesbians, slightly lower than the 51% that had supported equal rights in 2005. The 2019 poll indicated that 43% of Russians were opposed to equal rights for homosexuals.

Two years later, research in 2021 revealed that the numbers improved significantly. Now only third of Russians (33%) think that homosexuals and lesbians should have the same rights as other Russian citizens. This indicator significantly decreased compared to 2019. And 59% believe that homosexuals and lesbians should not have the same rights - a notable increase since 2019.

In short, here is the trend — when Russians are asked whether they support equal rights for homosexuals, they answered thus:

2019 - Yes (47%) — No (43%)

2021 - Yes (33%) — No (59%)

Without a doubt, this is a very encouraging improvement.

Meanwhile, 25 years of Gallup polls in America have revealed an overwhelming trend towards debauchery and destruction of traditional families:

These polls were taken in America, during the years 1996 to 2022. When Americans were asked whether they support equal rights for homosexuals, they answered thus:

1996 — Yes (27%) - No (68%)

2019 — Yes (63%) - No (36%)

2021 — Yes (71%) - No (28%)

Thus, the trends for Russia and America are diametrically opposed to one another. Even while America is going downhill, Russia is strengthening its sense of traditional family values.

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