American Priest Offers Reflection on Family Spirituality at Russian Church Educatiional Readings (+VIDEO)

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

Ever year, the Russian Orthodox Church holds its International Nativity Educational Readings with a number of presentations on various spiritual topics.

The forum is usually held in January but was transferred to May this year due to the epidemiological situation. This year’s 29th Annual International Educational Readings conference was dedicated to “Alexander Nevsky: West and East, and the Historical Memory of the People.”

Among the many presenters was Fr. Joseph Gleason, an American priest who lives in Russia with his wife and 8 children. Fr. Joseph offered his talk, “How to Protect Families from Spiritual Attacks,” on May 18, as part of the “Christian Education in a Christian Family” section of the Educational Readings.

In his talk, Fr. Joseph explains why he and his family decided to move to Russia, and how his family lives out their faith on a daily.

Fr. Joseph emphasized that, “If you truly value the souls of your children, and you want to see them spend eternity in heaven, then you have to make your children’s souls your top priority. You put their souls first, and then you bend every other aspect of your life around that one goal.”

He offered his talk in Russian, but video of his presentation has been published with English subtitles:

2021 05 18 - How to Protect Families from Spiritual Attacks (Why We Moved to Russia) - English Subtitles from pravoslavie on Vimeo.

The text of Fr. Joseph’s talk was published in an earlier article on Russian Faith.

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