Russian Bishop Named the Causes of the Degradation of the Family Institution

Metropolitan Mark of Ryazan and Mikhaylovsky spoke out about the degradation of the institution of marriage. The issue was raised in a live broadcast of the program "Image. Questions and Answers" on Ryazan Diocesan Radio.

The Bishop explained that the degradation of the institution of the family is primarily due to the depravity of man.

In his opinion, people get used to pleasing themselves without thinking about how to take care of their neighbor. "Everyone tends to act according to his own will, according to his own desire," the metropolitan said.

Also, Mark said, the issue of faith and faithlessness and living conditions play a big role.

"Back when it was more difficult for a woman to live separately from her husband, it was necessary for her to manage the household, but now if a woman does not like something, she feels the right to leave her husband," explained the head of the Ryazan diocese.

In his speech, Metropolitan Mark called the main cause of the degradation of the family institution the departure from the faith and the loss of spirituality in society.

According to the Bishop, unwillingness to have children in marriage is a strange, unreasonable, unjustified behavior that is against God's commandment.

Source: (Russian)

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