Russia Rejects New WHO Guidelines: Transgenderism Is "Absolutely Unacceptable"

In July, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced plans to officially recognize the third gender by updating its gender mainstreaming guidelines. In Russia, high-level officials did not appreciate the initiative and even called for a ban on the promotion of transgenderism in the country.

So, on August 3, the Children's Ombudsman of Tatarstan Irina Volynets proposed to ban the propaganda of transgenderism in our country. She sent such an appeal to the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko. According to RT, Volynets pointed to the norm of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the protection of family, motherhood and childhood. She stated that measures should be taken to ensure the "moral and mental safety of society".

In a conversation with "SenatInform" a member of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, Honored Physician Vladimir Kruglyy agreed that transgenderism is absolutely unacceptable for Russia. According to him, it contradicts the traditional values accepted in Russian society.

"I believe that on the state level the propaganda of non-medical gender reassignment should be suppressed and banned. In the West, they use the word 'gender', which brings in a social aspect. That we need to 'protect' people who feel like they are non-binary individuals. This is propaganda."

The parliamentarian added that we are not talking about banning medical surgeries. He explained that there are cases in which children are either born with an undetermined gender, or by the age of 5 or 6 they acquire signs of the opposite sex. In such a case, medical intervention may be indicated, the senator believes.

"We are talking about banning the promotion of those things that are contrary to the traditional family, the birth of children, increasing demography," Krugly explained. "Children, first and foremost, are at risk. Because the children's psyche can perceive it all exaggeratedly, and hence the inevitable tragedies."

Recall that in its guidelines, the WHO wants to update the basic concepts of gender. The document may include new concepts of gender, justice and human rights.

It is emphasized that the process of reviewing and updating the document will be based, among other things, on "updating key concepts of gender. The plan is to consider "moving beyond binary approaches" to "recognize gender and sexual diversity" or the notion that "gender is not limited to men or women. The WHO said feedback will be available until the fall of 2022. It did not specify when the final version would officially be released.

Commenting on the document, Alexei Kuznetsov, an aide to the Russian health minister, told RIA Novosti that preserving traditional values is a top priority of Russian state policy, and the agency adheres to this position. 

Alexei Pushkov, head of the Federation Council committee on information policy and cooperation with the media, also noted that recognizing the existence of other genders and sexes besides male and female is "very 'progressive,' very liberal, and completely unacceptable. The lawmaker wrote about this in his Telegram channel. 

Earlier, Olga Khokhlova, a member of the NF Committee on Social Policy and the upper chamber's representative for interaction with the children's ombudsman, said that well-to-do families with many children are the best promotion of traditional values. (Russia)

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