Russia to Deport Foreigners Promoting LGBT in Russia

Another reason why traditional Christian families can live safely in Russia. . .

Originally appeared at: Moving to Russia

I just read a bit of news this morning, and it is very encouraging:

Russia to Fine, Deport Foreigners Promoting LGBT in Russia

The article says that if any members of the rainbow mafia try to infiltrate Russia and peddle their despicable wares, they can expect to face a hefty fine (up to $70,000), and then they can be forcibly placed on the next flight home — complete with an invitation not to return.

It is important that they will not only be fined, but also deported. The world has some unsavory characters with deep pockets, who are more than happy to foot the bill for occasional fines, as long as it will promote their cause. So fines alone would be unlikely to have the desired effect. But when you deport someone, banning re-entry to the country for five years, that accomplishes something. It makes it physically impossible for the offender to continue in the same capacity, spreading harmful propaganda through the local population.

Deportation is like an immune system for a nation — when you target and banish a dangerous social “pathogen”, you are protecting society. The less that people are exposed to harmful propaganda, the less that people will be corrupted by it.

This is why Russia will NOT succumb to homosexual propaganda, the way America and Western Europe have so miserably done. At the highest levels, Russia is fighting back against homosexual perversion, diligently working to protect traditional family values.

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