Putin to Award "Heroine Mothers" with 10+ Children 1 Million Rubles & Gold Medal with Diamond

Originally appeared at: Russia Posts

President Vladimir Putin established the title of “Mother Heroine” in Russia. It will be awarded to women who have given birth and raised ten or more children.

“Establish the title of “Mother Heroine” for assigning a mother who is a citizen of the Russian Federation, who gave birth and raised 10 or more children who are citizens of the Russian Federation,” reads a document published on the official portal of legal information.

According to the decree, the “Mother Heroine” will be included in the list of the highest Russian titles along with the “Hero of Russia” and “Hero of Labor”.

The title of “Mother Heroine” will not be awarded automatically, but when the tenth child reaches the age of one year and also on the condition that the other nine children are alive at that moment.

It follows from the document that when conferring the title, children who went missing or died while defending the Fatherland or its interests, performing civil, official or military duty, as well as as a result of terrorist attacks and emergencies are taken into account; dead as a result of concussion, injury, illness.

The awarded woman will receive a monetary incentive of one million rubles, as well as a diploma and the order “Mother Heroine” made of gold with a diamond and enamel.

In Russia, the official title “Mother Heroine” appeared

By the same decree, Putin established that when awarding the Order of Parental Glory, one of the parents is paid a one-time incentive of 500,000 rubles, and when awarding a medal of the Order of Parental Glory, 200,000 rubles.

We add that the Order of Parental Glory is awarded to married parents or adoptive parents of seven or more children. The Medal of the Order of Parental Glory is given to parents and adoptive parents of four or more children.

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