The Consolidation of the Traditional Marriage Was Proposed In the Constitution of Belarus

Marriage is proposed to be written in the constitution of Belarus as the union of a woman and a man, said the head of the Commission on Amendments to the Basic Law, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Republic Petr Miklashevich.

The final meeting of the constitutional commission was held in Minsk on Wednesday.

"On the section "Personality. Society. State," it was proposed: to consolidate the modern principles of the social state, where the good is realized through work and everyone contributes to the tasks of the state and society as much as he or she can. To establish that marriage is the union of a woman and a man, to preserve the traditional... values of family and marriage," said Miklashevich at the meeting.

Belarus is preparing a draft of a new constitution. It is planned that it will be put to a national referendum in early 2022, and the draft of the basic law should be ready by the end of 2021. On March 16th , the president Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on establishing a constitutional commission, which is responsible for drafting amendments. The commission consists of 36 people. The commission has until August 1 to submit its proposals to the head of state.

Source: (Russian)

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