Anime Was a Mistake, and Russia Knows It: Harmful Content for Children Is Continually Being Banned in the Country

Russia continues to clean up the sewage of the Japanese animation world in order to protect children's development.

Last year the pages of "AnimeGo", "Anime Pik" and "Anime bit" sites were banned. All of the links to the cartoons are available in Russian voiceover, and the last site had a clarification "without censorship".

St. Petersburg courts have likewise banned links to eight anime: "Tokyo Gul," "Death Notebook," "Prince of Darkness from the Back Desk," "Still Life in Grayscale," "Blade Manju," "Elf Song," "Inuyashiki" and "Aki and Sora." Most of them are blocked because they contain "information harmful to the health of minors". In addition, the prosecutor's office has requested that the anime "Tokyo Terror" and "Naruto" be banned.

This year, St. Petersburg's Kirovsky District Court has decided to block links to a Japanese cartoon and game, the city's combined press service of courts reported Wednesday.

During the inspection, the prosecutor, who filed a lawsuit to declare the information banned for distribution in the Russian Federation, found that the page with the anime "Party of the Dead: tortured souls" contains "inappropriate materials focused on creating motivation in minors for destructive illegal behavior, including the use of violence against others."

It was also noted that the video contains naturalistic scenes related to murder, blood, methods of deprivation of life, and such information is psychotraumatic, harmful to the health and development of children.

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