'Why Only Now?' - Famous Russian Actress Comments on the Ban on LGBT Advertising

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Russia is preparing a complete ban on the propaganda of perversions regardless of age, gender and other characteristics of the audience. Such a proposal was made by parliament speaker Vyacheslav Volodin on Family, Love and Fidelity Day, which was officially celebrated for the first time this year.

In support of the position of Vyacheslav Volodin made in his Telegram-channel State Duma deputy Alexander Khinstein. He clarified that the relevant initiatives earlier began to work the Committee of the State Duma on information policy, information technology and communications, and in the autumn session the deputies will be ready to hold an open discussion.

It had to be done earlier

In a conversation with Tsargrad, Russian Honored Artist Maria Shukshina said she supports the ban on this propaganda:

But I have only one question - why are they only talking about this now? After all, the propaganda of non-traditional values has long been engaged in. Even some famous public figures flaunt their non-traditional relationships. For example, a year ago, Philip Kirkorov appeared on Muz-TV with either his husband or his wife. That is, with his same-sex partner, apparently. And all this in a public space, in full view of everyone.

Why they're only talking about it now, I don't understand. What, did a special military operation (SSO) unleash their tongues? It smells like populism, you know.

And Kirkorov is not the only example of this. I was recently sent a video of Anton Krasovsky, director of RT's Russian-language broadcast, answering a question about same-sex marriage in 2015. And he says: yes, I welcome it, same-sex marriage is necessary. And then he goes on to say: if they say you can register a marriage with a dog and you teach your dog to sign a marriage contract, then please, everything is welcome. Since this video has already made its way onto the Internet, it will be there forever.

And it's clear to everyone that the man means it, just like he's proudly talking about his sexual orientation. And this is a man who, again, for a second, heads one of the major federal media outlets and often appears on various channels in prime time! How is that possible? Isn't that propaganda?

To us, that's wild. If not, do we need to rewrite the Bible, the Koran and the Torah? It wasn't socially acceptable to talk about this before, once in the Soviet Union there was even an article for sodomy. All these perversions were not encouraged. And since the 90s, the uncleanness has come to us from the West, the sewer floodgates have opened. And now it is "fashionable" to talk about it, although many normal people in Russia are outraged by such things.

These people specifically talk about perversion in public space

Like Kseniya Sobchak, normal people come to her program, and she scornfully asks them: Why are you behaving inappropriately and having a negative attitude toward non-traditional relationships?

And when I was invited to Sobchak's program Doc Talk, I first watched the previous episodes, understood what questions I might be asked, and thought: why do I need this? What new things can I say about this issue if these individuals are specifically talking about perversion, outraging society?

Before the '90s, nothing like this existed in public space for us. When, say, Leonid Brezhnev kissed heads of other countries on the lips, we giggled, of course. But we didn't read anything perverted, because we didn't even think about it. The Western perverted worldview, alien to us, had not yet reached us, we were pure and unsophisticated. 

And why are all these people now flipping the agenda and manipulating society? Why are we being forced to talk about it? It's not even worth discussing. And since we are also talking about it, we are willy-nilly propagating nastiness.
We need to remove these people from all venues.

We shouldn't discuss it, but simply remove the propagandists from all platforms - from television, from the stage. And Kirkorov is touring Russia right now. How is that? That's not propaganda? Then what is propaganda? We should do it like China, which a year ago banned effeminate men, displays of wealth, and discussions of personal life on TV. But here we have Andrei Malakhov, Dmitriy Borisov with his "yellow shows. They paused for a while after February 24th, and now they are back.

There is no limit to my indignation. I keep saying in my Telegram channel that I want some kind of normal reaction from the authorities, not that they resonate. I want results! It's like in China: they just shut down the shop without any discussion, and that's it - society agrees. It's time to consider the opinion of the majority and not spit on it, as was done in 1991 during the referendum on the preservation of the Soviet Union. The majority voted for preservation, but as we know, people's opinion was not taken into account and the Union fell apart. It's the same with traditional values: the majority is in favor, rejecting Western LGBT perversions, so there's no need to hold a referendum. But people are spit upon, we are sold yellow talk shows with non-traditional sexual orientation hosts on the main (!) federal channels. We have already lost the proper level of upbringing and education of children in schools, if we compare it to the Soviet era. It will get worse from here on out. If we do not stop now - we will lose ourselves forever.

After all, this is the same information war we have been talking about for so long. Bots get involved when voting starts on social networks. And they can win in the polls. Although we have most people who are normally oriented.

We're not in the West, we don't have rainbow parades. Our constitution also says that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. And the deep Russian people will never stand up for non-traditional relationships.

There should be a systematic approach to everything, not a point-by-point one. Well, okay, they will ban this propaganda, it will be impossible to talk about non-traditional relationships. And peeping through the keyhole to famous people, me in particular, will be allowed? And bend normal people over?

For the sake of high ratings all the time bent, just do not feed. That's a lot of money - and for the presenters, and participants. Let it go unnoticed? Then all these bans on propaganda are worthless. There must be a systematic approach. And the political will. Clean all the filth out of our ranks.

Source: tsargrad.tv (Russian)

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