Defense of Traditional Religious and Moral Values Aim of Russian Foreign Policy - New Putin Decree

Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

The decree lists the country's national priorities in this domain, which include:

- Protecting "traditional Russian spiritual and moral values";

- Spreading the knowledge about Russian historical and cultural heritage in the world;

- Establishing mutually beneficial cultural exchange between the peoples of Russia and other countries;

- Running international humanitarian cooperation "on a fair, mutual, open and non-discriminatory basis”.

The concept includes a total of 117 points. Special attention has been paid to multilateral humanitarian cooperation with the CIS countries, the Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia. It also affirms that the interests of Russian-speaking communities should be taken into account in humanitarian contacts with Georgia, Moldova, and the Baltic States.

The document pays special attention to the promotion of the Russian language, as"a key element in humanitarian policy of the Russian Federation abroad", which is instrumental in "creating a positive attitude towards our country in the world, which in its turn contributes to Russia’s scientific and technological progress, as well as its social and economic development".

The section on sports emphasizes that Russia has consistently supported honest and fair competition and warned against turning the sport into a political tool. "Russia's full participation in competitions in all Olympic sport disciplines must not depend on the opportunistic policy of individual states and the biased approach of the international organizations concerned. It is important to protect the rights of Russian athletes and prevent their discrimination," the text of the concept reads.

A separate section is devoted to the preservation of Russian cultural and historic heritage. The goal is to counter the attempts by a number of countries "to rewrite the history of World War II and the Great Patriotic War, to play down the role of the Soviet people in the Great Victory and, consequentially, ruin a feeling of pride Russians, especially young people, have for their country.

The new concept provides a guideline for developing state, federal and programs in the international, inter-regional and trans-border cooperation.

While discussing the concept of Russia's humanitarian policy with the members of the Security Council in April this year, President Putin pointed out that development of the concept should closely "follow the national interests of Russia in the short, medium and long-term perspective”.

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