Mechanism of Moral Censorship To Be Signed Soon in Russia

"We state that traditional spiritual and moral values are the basis of the Russian civilization, and intentional infringement on them should be regarded as a threat to national security. . ."

Editor's Note: This article was generated by machine translation, so our staff cautions the reader about possible inaccuracies that may have resulted from this. However, it was deemed worthwhile to still publish such a piece because of the intrinsic value of the message - which remains evident even in its translated form.

The decree approving the "Fundamentals of State Policy for Preserving and Strengthening Russia's Traditional Spiritual and Moral Values," which introduces a mechanism of moral censorship, should be signed in the near future - this is a matter of national security. The idea was supported by a number of political and public figures, from Peter Tolstoy, deputy speaker of the State Duma, to film director Nikita Mikhalkov, at a public convention in Moscow's Balchug Hotel. Against the backdrop of an open information war with the West and a special operation in Ukraine, the sabotage of a healthy initiative of the country's power bloc by the officials in the Presidential Administration who were behind the decision of the Ministry of Culture to withdraw the draft decree from consideration can only be seen as sabotage and complicity of the enemy.

In spite of working day the event gathered a full hall for 300 people, almost third of which were famous people one way or another - leaders of public associations from all over Russia, masters of culture etc. The initiator of the congress, the head of the information and human rights center "Ivan-Chai" Elina Zhgutova proposed to begin the meeting by listening to the anthem of Russia and a minute of silence in memory of the Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine. According to Elina, over the past week and a half we have witnessed the "destruction of Koshchei's kingdom": leaving the EU, leaving the World Bank, rejecting Eurovision and other Ramsteins and Morgensterns, the social activist characterized it figuratively: "The mud is draining off us".

Prof. Alexander Shchipkov, advisor to His Holiness the Patriarch and deputy chairman of the World Russian People's Council. The professor called traditional spiritual and moral values a "strategic resource" for Russia, noting that the Decree "takes away the right to judge from the liberal minority and gives it back to the majority.

The words of support for the Decree and a greeting to the Congress were sent by the film director Nikita Mikhalkov, the actors Dmitri Pevtsov, Olga Budina, and many other cultural figures.

Andrey Tsyganov, the Chairman of the Council of Experts of the OWOS, the editor-in-chief of the Russian News Agency "Katyusha" in his report defined the relevance of the topic:

"In recent years the world has come to the edge: the development of biotechnology, genome editing, mindless digitalization, etc. are accompanied by a revision of Christian ethics and morality, the basis of both the Russian and European civilizations. What we observe in recent years in the West and in Russia - blatant transhumanism of the elites, the creation of 'service people' (new slavery) by targeting information - all this calls into question the very possibility of further existence of man, family, nation and state. Yes, our Constitution and laws have a lot of right words, but there are no criteria to distinguish good from evil. That is the main value of this document, the attempt to create a mechanism of expert examination of administrative and cadre decisions on the basis of traditional values. A simple example: family values. For us, people of Christian culture, they are known from the original source-Bible: multiply and multiply, honor father and mother, do not covet your neighbor's wife, then there is no permission for abortion, perversion, etc. But what do we see in our life and law-enforcement practice? Propaganda of promiscuity, feminism, childfree, legalized abortion and surrogacy, juvenile justice (opposing children to their parents), not condemning the promotion of perversion and other tolerance. But from the point of view of a person of traditional culture, all these are social viruses, which they are trying to infect our children with.

Another example: solidarity (for the Russian ear is more familiar 'sobornost') - both in Russian and Soviet history it was one of the most important qualities of our people, which helped them to survive the hardest trials. Now it is more relevant than ever. But what do we see in our reality? Atomization, individualism, my house on the edge - and digitalization with distances and DSP, with the virtual world, which exacerbates the division of people, as well as social stratification. What solidarity can there be in the face of digital slavery and covidobesity?

It is obvious that the launch of the mechanism of control of the elite, expertise, as well as personnel decisions on the basis of traditional spiritual and moral values is a fundamentally new approach, allowing the restructuring of the entire state mechanism. This in itself implies the revision of already made decisions such as digital transformation, the CEC or the program 'Tolerance'.

By the way, as our expert analysis shows, all these programs are somehow dictated by the West represented by the World Bank, IMF, Unicef, USAID and their agents. That is, we are talking about a project of self-destruction of mankind imposed by the global elite. And all traditional societies agree on this, that is, societies which trace their lineage back to God. I have just been to the Caucasus, there were Muslims, they fully support our position in support of the Decree.

The military situation makes the necessity of creating a clear image of the Russian world, which will be understood and accepted by those who are fighting now, by our society, and by conservative circles abroad, all the more aggravating. It is possible to revive the Russian world only on the basis of our archetypes, which are directly connected with our traditional spiritual and moral values".

Chairman of the Russian Orthodox Church's Patriarchal Commission on Family, Maternity and Childhood Hierarch Fedor Lukyanov noted the importance of supporting traditional values and offered to supplement the document:

"One can only welcome and support such an initiative, and it causes great bewilderment that the Ministry of Culture has removed this topical document from consideration at such a difficult time. We propose to make the text of this document more advanced - to turn from reflection to action, to accept the basic spiritual values as eternal and unchangeable. These values are inconceivable without faith in God, which is what the renewed Constitution has been written to express. That is why we consider it important to include in the document a reflection of traditional values, including faith in God. It is also necessary to include the human right to life at all stages of development, and to specify the notion of a 'strong family' as the union of a man and a woman. Add maternity and paternity to the values. These enormous steps will be impossible to overestimate. We very much hope that the Ministry of Culture will once again resume discussions on this important document. I consider the removal of the Presidential Decree, which strengthens the moral health of our people, to be inconsistent with the interests of the people and their future. We will fight to bring it back."

Peter Tolstoy, Vice Speaker of the State Duma, supported the assembly:

"It is important for young people whether IKEA and Apple will work or whether they will be able to travel around the world, but it is much more important that after the special operation Ukraine will no longer speak out against Russia.

Young people are having a hard time right now especially. I encourage talking to them and explaining why a special operation in Ukraine is necessary. What matters to the young people is whether IKEA and Apple will work, whether they will be able to travel around the world. They will be able to, everything will work out, I am sure.

In the current circumstances, every Russian should clearly define their position on Vladimir Putin's actions in Ukraine based on the national interests of the country. Sometimes this choice is very difficult for them to make.

We lived for a long time without a national idea, without an ideology. Not because we couldn't come up with our own, but because we heard too many other people's ideas. Now it's becoming clear who is who. And if you are not with your own army, sooner or later you will be with the army of the enemy. A lot of people have to make up their minds now. This is a hard choice," Tolstoy noted.

According to Tolstoy, he is certain that the decree on the protection of traditional values will be passed soon, and "it will be corrected in the direction we want.

Senator and one of the true defenders of traditional values in the Russian authorities, Margarita Pavlova, said cultural figures who torpedoed the Decree in February showed their true face, and expressed hope the Decree would be passed soon.

TV and radio host and public figure Anna Shafran reminded that our education reform programs were designed by the Pentagon and declared that "Now comes the moment of truth. We need to cleanse ourselves of all this filth. But for this, we all need a spiritual mobilization. You cannot serve God and mammon at the same time.

Public figure Yuri Krupnov reminded that Russia is dying out, and that if "everything is left as it is," by the end of the century, Russia's population will be at least halved. In Krupnov's opinion, a family with at least 3-4 children should be the norm, and this should be reflected in the decree and other enactments.

Information security expert Vladislav Berezutsky noted that the United States perceives the Internet as its own fiefdom, its own field of information warfare against our children:

"We must support this moment, because we see that attempts to adopt it could serve as one of the reasons for the current situation. If our military is fighting valiantly right now, we were totally unprepared to repel the cyberattack, the information war that is going on right now. This is our huge chance-we have to start a new industrialization in Russia. The U.S. perceives the Internet as its sovereign zone; it is their development. On the Internet, your child enters the war zone - so all destructive content must be banned. The main thing is not to take a step back, and we have every chance of winning."

Ekaterina Mizulina, Director of the Safe Internet League, roughly summarized the current situation as a state of information war aimed at destroying Russia's image in the eyes of the world. According to Ekaterina, those who oppose the Decree in such a situation are also opposing Russia.

Vladislav Shafalinov, Ph.D., head of the association "Doctors for Truth" said that the forces that until recently were the most active adherents of covidopoiesis and the imposition of medical experiments based on WHO guidelines have now rallied against the Decree on the protection of traditional values and against our statehood in general.

Inna Gorislavtseva, leader of the Parents Association movement, noted that the departure of Western companies and social media from Russia is a liberation from occupation:

"The family and family values have recently been under constant pressure from the Western lobby, especially the lobby of perverts who are planting their modern views on us. But they don't take root on our soil. We all watch the bulletins and see Western companies leaving Russia one after another, for all kinds of reasons. I woke up today with the clear thought that the occupiers are leaving our land. This is the most terrible state - all previous years we lived not by our own wits".

Political scientist and Doctor of History Natalia Narochnitskaya spoke vividly, noting the eternal confrontation between good and evil, where the creators of the "new normality" dream of erasing all borders:

"Free will is given to man by God, but along with it the ability to distinguish between good and evil is given. This is the temptation of man, who becomes vulnerable to temptation. And in the tossing and turning of the spirit were born the great monologues of the righteous and the wicked. And freedom without boundaries ceases to be freedom. Everything that has no boundaries has no definitions. And today, culture, which is the triumph of the spirit, is disappearing in Europe and beginning to disappear in Russia. Why should the state finance a state academic theater if there's nothing to be done there? Why should we watch their mutilated, disfigured productions of the classics? They should be fined for that.

When the line between good and evil, beauty and ugliness is erased, entropy begins. This is the approach to the end of human history. And today Russia is the only one in the world not afraid to take the challenge - our national state will turned out to be stronger than the will of the West.

Of course it must be understood that the main thing will lie in the enforcement of this document. Here all the mechanisms must be clearly spelled out. And it is very important to create public support for it."

The result of the congress was the announcement of the draft letter to the President and to the Security Council with the request to adopt the Decree as soon as possible, as well as a draft resolution of the Congress, which was approved by all the participants of the event (which does not mean the possible minor corrections and additions, which can be sent to the editorial office of RIA Katusha or IA Ivan-Chai):

"We, the citizens of the Russian Federation, representatives of parent, veteran, patriotic, Cossack, religious organizations of Russia and creative unions, gathered at the Russian Public Congress in Moscow at the Balchug Hotel on 5 March 2022, decided to address the Russian President and the Russian Security Council with words of support for the concept of the Russian Presidential Decree 'On Approval of the Principles of State Policy to Preserve and Strengthen Traditional Russian Spiritual and Moral Values'. We believe that the adoption of this Decree or legislative consolidation of the legal mechanisms laid down in it is very relevant at the current time of military trials and Russia's forced isolation from the West, corresponds to the expectations and interests of the vast majority of Russians and the spirit of the Russian Federation Constitution, the National Security Strategy, 172-FZ 'On Strategic Planning in Russia' and other fundamental normative acts of the Russian Federation."

  1. We state that traditional spiritual and moral values are the basis of the Russian civilization, and intentional infringement on them should be regarded as a threat to national security.
  2. We consider it necessary to add to the list of traditional values in Article 3 of the Draft Decree "Fundamentals of State Policy on Preserving and Strengthening Traditional Russian Spiritual and Moral Values" such value as faith in God, which at all times has been a moral guide and the meaning of life of the peoples who created and inhabited our country.
  3. We support the idea of creating a mechanism to monitor the observance of traditional spiritual and moral values by officials at all levels, including governors and ministers, as well as the heads of the media and state corporations. We consider it unacceptable for the state budget to finance projects and works that undermine traditional spiritual and moral values, as well as the continued presence in public office of persons systematically engaged in such activities.
  4. We support the idea of introducing an expert examination of draft normative and non-normative acts of the state authorities of the Russian Federation and the subjects of the Russian Federation concerning the family, children, education, culture, information and youth policy for the compliance of such initiatives with traditional spiritual and moral values.
  5. We believe it is necessary to involve representatives of Russia's traditional religions, Orthodoxy and Islam, as well as parents' organizations, in such an examination.
  6. We also believe that it is necessary to conduct a similar examination and to impose a moratorium on the further implementation of the projects "Digital Transformation", "Digital Educational Environment", and "Tolerance" already being implemented by the Russian government and other authorities without regard to public opinion from the perspective of their compliance with traditional spiritual and moral values of Russia.
  7. We urge the President, the State Duma and other public authorities to initiate the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from all international treaties and organizations that harm Russia's national interests and undermine its traditional spiritual and moral values, in particular, WHO, WTO, IOC, PACE, IMF and others.
  8. We also believe that it is necessary to legislate the possibility of including "foreign agents" organizations into the register of NCOs,
  9. We also believe that it is necessary to legislate the possibility of including in the register of "foreign agents" NGOs organizations working in the social sphere based on the methods of foreign foundations, such as USAID, UNISEF, etc., whose activities are aimed at undermining traditional spiritual and moral values of Russia.
  10. We ask you to stop the total "digital transformation" of the Russian state, school, medicine, launched under the active lobbying of the World Bank in order to ensure national security and protect traditional spiritual and moral values, including recognition of the Federal Law of 08.06.2020 № 168-FZ "On a unified federal information register containing information about the population of the Russian Federation" as no longer valid, and ensure the right of citizens to receive any public services of their choice in the traditional form.

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