How God Punishes Nations for Fornication for Many Generations

"These sins are so grievous that, offending nature itself and destroying the fear of God at its very foundation, they cause, through their bold publicity, the inevitable vengeance from heaven. . ."

Originally appeared at: Telegraph

Relatively recently, declassified scientific data on the amazing and mysterious phenomenon, which in science is called "telegony" have become public. This story began 150 years ago, when horse breeders to improve the breeds of racers and ponies decided to crossbreed a horse with a zebra. 

Mares of the best horse breeds and stallions of the zebra were chosen for this purpose. Although the cross-breeding experiments were repeated over and over again, the conception of mares from zebra stallions never happened. Soon the experiments were stopped and nobody would remember them now, if after several years something extraordinary happened.

The mares who had been under the male zebra suddenly began to have striped foals! Why should that be? The father is a thoroughbred stallion and the mother is also a thoroughbred, but the foals are striped! And it is after many years after mating with a "zebra", and mating that has not led to conception and pregnancy. The scientific world was literally stunned.

Experiments with other animals began. The phenomenon was confirmed on them, but a scientific explanation has not yet been found. It has not been found for the simple reason that by the will of some mysterious forces these experiments were terminated and their results were classified. There were serious reasons for this.

To begin with, the mysterious phenomenon ran counter to Darwin's theory.

So far, only two researchers of the phenomenon of telegony can be named: Professor Flint, a contemporary of C. Darwin, and Felix Ledantek. The latter left behind his book "The Individual, Evolution, Heredity and the Neo-Darwinists" (M., 1899). The above information on the first steps of the now-classified science is taken from chapter 24 of the book, entitled "Telegony, or the Influence of the First Male" (p. 244).

Among specialists-practitioners, only dog breeders were not surprised about what happened then. For them it was known long ago, that if even a very pedigree bitch will bind at least once with a non-bred mongrel dog, and even if there will be no puppies as a result of this casual bind, then nothing to expect in the future from her pedigree puppies, neither from the pedigree male dog. Every dog breeder and dog lover knows this.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, stunned contemporaries of Flint and Ledantec began to bore physiologists around the world with the same question: "Does the effect of telegony extend to humans?" Intensive physiological, anthropological, sociological, statistical studies and even experiments began. And very soon, unbiased science stated firmly: "Yes, the effect of telegonies also applies to humans, and even in a much more pronounced form than in the animal world!"

This was the second and main reason why the curtain of secrecy fell. Studies and experiments, with intensive involvement of data of physiology, sociology, statistics, have confirmed the fact that when having a relationship with a man, certain yet unknown changes occur in a woman's body, which will affect her offspring in the future, even if this relationship does not end in pregnancy...

Not by chance that is why God punished the violators of His holy will even up to the "third tribe". Many nations had a custom to publicly punish fornicators, adulterers and all sorts of perverts.

For example, the people of Israel used to stone adulterers and fornicators for their secret, shameful intercourse. In full view of all the inhabitants of the city the offender was led to a platform two cubits wide and put to death, so that wives and husbands might watch this execution and live in chastity. And it was very rare for a maiden to marry dishonestly.

Far from caring what a woman's sexual partners were like before she married and had a child. It was precisely this conclusion that the science of telegony came to, when a "taboo" was placed on it and books written on the subject were gradually destroyed. In fact, scientists had no choice. To scientifically confirm that the degeneration of mankind was the result of an immoral, bestial life meant abandoning the basic foundations and principles of modern civilization - life for pleasure and pleasure.

The second half of the 20th century was the beginning of the sexual revolution. According to the apostle, the devil has made all nations drunk with the wine of adultery (Rev. 14:8; 17:2; 18:2). In many civilized European cities people, as beast-like or, rather, humanoid cattle, have set up brothels, where, as the prostitutes themselves confess, they have to perform up to 180 sexual affairs in two or three weeks for the sake of money.

The media teach their viewers horrific scenes of debauchery, valeology is taught in educational institutions, and open fornication is preached. This has given rise to various demonic sects and societies which preach sodomy, violence, group fornication and bestiality.

I wonder what the wise men of this age were hoping for by withholding and tampering with scientific data. The whole history of mankind is filled with examples of the judgment of God upon the nations for their dissolute lives, "for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth with unrighteousness" (Rom. 1:18).

Here are some testimonies from the Holy Scriptures about how God called people to chastity and purity of life...

In Noah's day, people sinned with insatiability. Sin became their way of life. Even when they saw that death was coming to them at 100-120 years old instead of the former 800-900, they did not fight against sin, did not repent, did not turn to God, but were plunged by the devil into their former sins. "When the wicked cometh into the depths of evil, he despiseth not" (Proverbs 18:3). "It is terrible to be caught up in the wiles of the devil.

Then the soul is already entangled as if in nets, and as an unclean animal, wallowing in mud, enjoys it, so it, having given in to a sinful habit, does not feel the stench of sins any more" (St. John Chrysostom).

There was only one way to eradicate this vice and unbelief from the earth: to exterminate all the existing humanity, all the humans, as an unfit leaven, so they may not become the teachers of wickedness for the following generations. The animal world had also to perish, because the wicked had defiled the creatures without words through bestiality.

Satan taught men to rebel against the good, and corruption spread over the whole earth, and the punishment was a worldwide flood.

The following is an example from Scripture. The five cities of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zaboiim, and Zoar (Gen. 19:25; Deut. 29:23) were destroyed by brimstone and fire. The population of these cities was characterized by outrageous depravity of morals, repulsive and unnatural vices: "their women replaced their natural use with unnatural use; likewise the men, leaving the natural use of the female sex, kindled lust for one another." (Rom. 1:26-28).

Man fell away from God, totally depraved and was unable to perform the task for which he was created, could not realize himself in goodness, love and truth, ascending the ladder of spiritual development to godhood. His further existence became meaningless. Evil had reached such a point that waiting for correction was no longer useful, and postponing execution was dangerous. Now in the place of these cities, "which the Lord overthrew in his wrath and in his fury" (Deuteronomy 29:23), is the Dead Sea.

Almost no living creature dwells in the waters of this sea or on its shores, and everything around it is gloomy, barren, and as if dead. Because of the sins of men, God also smote the very bowels of the earth. "Since the people who inhabit this earth have borne many fruits of iniquity, the Lord made the fruits of the earth unfit for use, so that the destruction of the fruits of the earth may serve as a monument for future generations and so that the barrenness of the earth may remind everyone of the iniquity of the people who inhabited it" (St. John Chrysostom).

When God led the Israelites out of Egypt, He commanded them to mercilessly exterminate entire pagan tribes and nations on the way because debauchery, sodomy and bestiality were rampant in these tribes. The Lord declared them unfit for life and made the Jewish people the sword of His wrath. "When the Lord your God shall bring you into the land into which you are going to take possession of it, and shall drive out from your presence numerous nations, the Hittites, the Gergesites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites, seven nations that are more numerous and stronger than you, and shall deliver them to you by the Lord your God, and shall smite them ... And you shall destroy all the nations which the Lord your God gives you, that your eye may not spare them" (Deuteronomy 7:1-2, 16).

Corporal uncleanness has such devastating consequences, so destructive to the fate of future generations, that even the chosen people for the sin of fornication, God "flamed with anger. Thus, the Bible tells how once, when Israel lived in Sittim and fornicated with the daughters of Moab, fire destroyed 23,000 adulterers. And another thousand were stoned by the people themselves. (Num. 25:1-9; 1 Cor. 10:8).

In historic times, too, entire cities have been exterminated for the sins of Sodom and lechery. Thus, in the fourteenth century, the women of Baghdad and Damascus turned to Tamerlane for help. They complained about their husbands who had wallowed in sodomy. The "Iron Brave" immediately carried out an investigation, at which the lecherous men confessed their bestial sins.

Then Timur gave an order to his commanders: "Let each of the warriors of my 700 thousand army within two days bring the severed head of a manizer. If any warrior takes pity on a villain, let him himself be without a head. And laid out seven pyramids of heads, a hundred thousand in each - for the edification of posterity. In memory of this event, the famous Russian artist Vereshchagin painted "The Apotheosis of War".

And syphilis, AIDS - isn't that punishment for dissolute life?

As if a devastating tornado burst into the twentieth century and flooded the whole world with the blood of revolutions. Punishment befell above all the people of the Orthodox Church, the New Testament Israel, to a small punishment to stop big crimes. By the like punished the like. What they strived for, He gave them something to drink. Stretched for the West - and lost the Fatherland. They did not value chastity and purity - they sank in fornication; they sought only earthly, temporary things - they lost eternal things and, like cattle, perished by hundreds of thousands.

The Bolsheviks promised people a lost paradise, but what they brought was fratricidal war, devastation, and hunger. Striving for world domination, to establish a new order, they tried to completely destroy Russia and turn it into a springboard for the world revolution.

Proclaiming a revolution for the people in words, their goal was the destruction of 90% of the population, not willing to accept the bestial morality of Marxism-Darwinism. The Bolsheviks with their atrocities, the horrors of starvation, cannibalism, incessant searches and requisitions, and mass shootings turned the great power into a cattle slaughterhouse.

The Bolsheviks unleashed a campaign to corrupt the sexual morality of the Russian people. At this time the institution of marriage was fundamentally shaken. The ideologists of socialism promised their supporters a host of joys of "free love" and "full-blooded satisfaction of the sexual needs of the revolutionary class. A whole program of socialization of women was unfolded. Bolshevik leaders, the intimate life of many of whom resembled a continuous "dog-eat-dog wedding," served as an example of sexual emancipation.

Naturally, many middle and lower-ranking Bolshevik activists, especially Chekists of all levels, did not lag behind. According to data cited by S.P. Melgunov, many rank-and-file perpetrators of red terror had 4-5 mistresses and rape and abuse of defenseless women became commonplace in Bolshevik terrorist institutions...

The main goal of the revolution was the destruction of Christianity. By the beginning of the Second World War only 150 out of 77,000 churches and 1115 monasteries remained in the country, not a single monastery.

The Russian elder Tikhon, the confessor of St. Paisius of Athos, was very sorry for the souls suffering under the godless rule in Russia and often said with tears in his eyes: "Russia is still bearing penance from God, but it will survive everything.

Very slowly, very painfully Russia was regaining its human face. In 1934 homosexuality, legalized in the early years of the revolution, was banned; in 1936 a ban was imposed on abortions, which were included among the social crimes...

In the last hundred years, more human lives have been destroyed in gynecological offices than in coups and wars. "They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and their daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan" (Psalm 105:38). The preaching of Darwinism has borne fruit. Some beast-like females, who have accepted the doctrine that man is descended from a monkey or some other beast, and live for their own pleasure, think that if they kill animals and cattle, then they can kill their own children as well.

There are 8-10 or more murdered babies on their "books. But what is even worse is that doctors, who took the Hippocratic oath, put themselves in the category of murderers. In their lectures they teach that frequent abortions rejuvenate the body, and they recommend substances derived from the "processing" of aborted babies' bodies for use in perfumery, medicine, and the food industry...

The Lord taught to perceive life as bearing the Cross, as a feat, and the Holy Orthodox Church believes that it is not the desire of the spouses, but the Lord Himself who brings to life the new creation. Not wanting children is a perversion of the Orthodox understanding of marriage, and using any means to do so is a perversion of God's created human nature.

Already in antiquity, the teaching that human life begins from the day of conception was anchored in the Church's conscience. This life belongs to God and already in the womb has its mystical religious characteristics. The Bible is clear about this: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you came out of the womb I sanctified you: I made you a prophet to the nations" (Jer. 1:5); "My bones were not hidden from you, when I was built in secret, I was formed in the depth of the womb.

Thy eyes have seen my fetus; in Thy book are written all the days appointed for me, when as yet there were none of them" (Psalm 138:15-16). Barnabas (19:5) says: "God, the Lord of life, has entrusted to men the high service of preserving life, and man must fulfill it in a fitting manner. Therefore life, from the moment of conception, must be guarded with the greatest care; abortion and infanticide are terrible crimes. Remember John the Baptist, who, as a baby, cried out in his mother's womb when the Virgin Mary came to the home of her kinswoman. Remember St. Sergius of Radonezh, who cried out in his mother's womb during the Divine Liturgy.

Raising children is the most natural Christian feat, and the apostle says, "A wife... will be saved by childbearing, if she continues in faith and love and holiness with chastity" (1 Tim. 2:15). And what chastity with contraception!

The Orthodox Church, as the guardian of the tradition undamaged by the spirit of this age, continues to preach the Christian asceticism, self-sacrifice, chastity, abstinence, Christian marriage, the Church's view on family and child-rearing.

Church rules state:

"To wives, who by adultery have conceived and slayed the fruit, and are engaged in the making of debauched libels, the former definition was forbidden to receive the Holy Mysteries until their death, and according to this they do so. In seeking something more lenient, we have determined that such persons should undergo a period of penance of ten years according to the degrees set forth" (Ancyr. 21).

"We subject to the penance of a woman who gives remedies that cause the fetus in the womb to become premature, and who takes poison that causes death to the fetus" (VI Ecumenical Council 91).

"She who willfully destroys the fetus conceived in the womb is subject to the condemnation of murder. We have no fine distinction between the fetus formed or yet unformed. For here the penalty is laid not only for that which was born, but also for that which she did unto herself: for wives very often die as a result of such trespasses. With this is also the destruction of the fetus, as another murder, of those who dare to do this deliberately. It is, however, not fitting to extend their repentance unto death, but to receive them into fellowship after the completion of ten years: the cure should be measured not by the time, but by the manner of repentance" (2nd century of St. Basil the Great).

"He who hoards himself, let him be excommunicated from the sacraments for three years" (24th apostles' proclamation).

Abortion and contraception are the result of an imposed humanistic ideology of "planning" one's life, according to which all aspects of human existence must be planned for one's own comfort. It is possible, for example, to plan a family by killing extra children. The Bolsheviks began to "plan" the Church, destroying believers by the hundreds of thousands. And their example was followed by the fascist Margaret Sanger, creator of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, who inspired the Nazis to "plan" entire nations and destroy inferior people.

Today this ideology spreads even further: it turns out that with euthanasia, i.e., legally permitted "humane" killing, it is possible to "plan" not only children, but also sick old people! This, too, is family planning.

Holland was the first country where euthanasia is legalized. Even a child can be killed in Holland, if the doctors find a "good" reason for it. Remarkably, at the same time, Dutch laws severely punish those who abuse animals!

The scientific basis of the planning ideology was the theory of 3. Freud's theory. His views were the development of the ideas of the Kabbalah in the field of psychology. According to the teachings of the Kabbalists, pleasure is not only the main category of life, but also its goal. The energy of pleasure is the embodiment of all things. Freud held the same blasphemous thoughts from a Christian perspective in his theory of psychoanalysis: man lives on the principle of pleasure, striving to satisfy his desires, primarily sexual ones; all human culture is a sublimation of dissatisfaction of sexual desire, the human "libido.

If man does not satisfy his desire, it goes into the unconscious and begins to traumatize him from within. And then Freud draws an important conclusion for sodomites, which is a development of the Kabbalah - man is bisexual from the beginning and any of his whims in the field of sex are quite natural! All prohibitions in this area are religious (read Christian) prejudice.

So, the ostrich has buried his head in the sand: God is declared non-existent, the phenomenon of telegony is persistently hushed up, and science has long forgotten that it was once a servant of truth. Fornication has filled the entire celestial world.

The lofty Christian ethic of love has been increasingly supplanted by ideas of "freedom of sex" and the "right" of every man to indulge his baser desires. In America and Europe, and now in Russia, tens of thousands of brothels, visiting homes, cabarets with hotels and striptease parlors, etc. are springing up. In many countries an entire network of traffickers appears to sell girls to brothels.

The message is that "freedom of sex" is what modern man needs, and that all those who live according to Christian ethics are retrogrades who don't understand the joys of life.

Hypersexuality has become an inherent feature of modern civilization. Lust is aroused in man from all sides: all advertising, the seductiveness of which is seen as the key to its success, and countless films filled with explicitly sinful scenes serve the same purpose. Modern art, fashion and perfumery also serve this purpose; more and more people become flesh (cf. Genesis 6:3).

The Venerable John Lestivnik wrote that "the good Lord also shows us a great plan, that he holds back the shamelessness of the female sex with shame, as a kind of bridle; for if women themselves had recourse to men, then no flesh would be saved". The modern ideology of sexual freedom completely destroys this "bridle" of shame - what could be sadder when a child's ultimate dream is to become a top model and win a beauty contest!

Such "ideals" are formed in children's consciousness by mass culture, including the children's toy industry, which is developing hypertrophied sexuality in every possible way in small children. It is enough to look at the popular Barbie doll - long-legged, blue-eyed, with loose golden hair and languid eyes - it is not for nothing that she is called an "inanimate porn star".

Porn and sex work have become powerful industries in the West. In addition to brothels and pimp organizations, thousands of sex shops, pornography stores, sex cinemas and sex video parlors emerged.

Child pornography, where the objects of sexual acts are children, has become a special branch of pornography.

Pornographers created hundreds of pornographic TV channels.

The sexual revolution in the West has also sparked such new types of business as "sex tours," in which participants, when buying a plane ticket to Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Brazil, Colombia and some other countries, simultaneously pay for a week's visit to a brothel in that country. And in most cases the "sex tourists" are "consumers" of children's products.

Since the sensations developed by the virtual reality system are much more intense than the real ones, one can speak of cybersex as the strongest sexual perversion, before which all other obscenities pale into insignificance... At a certain stage, during a very strong emotional and intellectual getting used to the program, the transition of human consciousness, i.e. the human soul, from the real world to the virtual reality of this program may take place. Then human consciousness at its preservation will function already in the reality of the program, and the body will die. Such cases of death during powerful cybersexual experiences have already been described.

"With one eye, and a mere glance, and the touch of a hand, and the hearing of a song, without any thought or thought, the soul can lust passionately" (St. John Lestavichnik). Therefore, one cannot ignore the pernicious role played by modern technology, especially audiovisual technology, in corrupting the heart. Only thanks to modern technology has it become possible to concentrate in a small amount of time a large volume of sinful images and information. A small video library of a dozen pornographic movies can fully replace years of experience in debauchery.

If we proceed from the Savior's words that "whoever looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matthew 5:28), then watching a pornographic film on a TV or VCR should be equated to the commission by the viewer of the same sin as in the film, since his heart has already been defiled by the vision and pleasure of this vile spectacle. And the higher the quality of "verisimilitude," the more sinful the spectacle.

According to studies, pornographic newsgroups make up less than 3% of Internet newsgroups, but they outnumber the rest in popularity, their "attendance" is 32.5%, with the most favorite being the sophisticated types of pedophilia, sadism, bestiality and all forms of sexual perversion. There are special "adult" WEB-pages and a large number of sexual computer games "for adults" on the computer network.

The popularity of such "materials" is explained first of all by the users' anonymity: a person sits at home behind the monitor and nobody knows where he "travels" through the computer network and what he does there.

With regard to computer games, it should be noted that according to the canons of the Orthodox Church such hobbies are a sin and carry certain penalties: "Bishop or presbyter or deacon, game and drunkenness committed, or shall cease, or shall be expelled. The subdeacon, or the reader, or the singer, who does these things, either let him cease, or be excommunicated. Likewise the laity" (42-43rd Apostolic Rules). Likewise: "Let no layman or clergyman henceforth indulge in reprehensible games. But if any one is found doing these things, let him be expelled from the clergy, and the laity be excommunicated from the communion of the Church" (50th Canon of the Sixth Ecumenical Council).

Furthermore, it is also necessary to recall another rule: "Let your eyes see right, and with all thy keeping watch over your heart" (Proverbs 4:23,25), bequeathed by wisdom: for the physical senses conveniently bring their impressions into the soul. Therefore we do not henceforth permit images on the deck, or on anything else, which enchant the eyes, corrupt the mind, and provoke inflammation of unclean pleasures, to be painted in any manner whatsoever. If anyone dares to do so, let him be excommunicated" (100th Rule of the Sixth Ecumenical Council). This rule becomes even more important the more perfect and sophisticated is the production and distribution of not only shameless images, but also of pornographic movies and computer games.

One of the terrible results of the sexual revolution has been the widest spread of sodomy, the gravest crime before God and human nature. Through the destruction of Gomorrah and Sodom, God taught the inhabitants of the earth not to commit the sins of sodomy. These sins are so grievous that, offending nature itself and destroying the fear of God at its very foundation, they cause, through their bold publicity, the inevitable vengeance from heaven.

By indulging in unnatural sins, people have thereby defiled the image of God, which is in every person. It is not by chance that St. Basil the Great says that sodomy is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. According to church rules, sodomites and bestiality are forbidden to receive Holy Communion for 15 years (Slavic Stern, Pr. 62-63).

Today sodomy has become a way of life in much of America. Since the sexual revolution and widespread propaganda, the proportion of sodomites has reached 25-30% of the adult population of the country. And if we add Americans who have been sodomized at least once, that number will reach at least 40% of the American population.

In the United States, England, Germany and other Western countries sodomy is not only legalized, but also has benefits. According to the laws of those countries sodomites have the right to marry, take in children, teach in children's institutions and schools. In almost all countries sodomites are members of the government. Sodomite organizations around the world publish their own newspapers, magazines, have clubs and even hotels for entertainment.

Sodomite weddings are becoming fashionable. Thousands of sodomites and sodomites are having legal "same-sex marriages", in some states they are given the advantage of adopting children. Sodomites celebrate their "holidays" in concert halls, cultural centers, libraries and museums. Sodomite parades, according to witnesses, are a veritable satanic gathering.

Even today, "such abominations are committed with complete safety, and lawlessness has become the law. No one any longer fears or is afraid; no one is ashamed or blushing; but they still boast of this disgrace, and the chaste seem insane, and those who rebuke are unmindful" (St. John Chrysostom).

This is what debauchery and all fornicating abominations bring us. "Where there is fornication, intemperate and impure living, there naturally arises drunkenness, and disorderliness, and great injustice, and licentiousness, and many evils," says John Chrysostom.

The devil is never satisfied with the soul of only one person, but uses it to influence the people around him as well. One must not think that if one sins, it is his own doing. Just as one person's salvation matters to many others, so does one person's sin affect many. The Venerable Seraphim of Sarov said, "Save yourself, and a thousand people around you will be saved. A good, prosperous spiritual state extends to many people. But even sin, when it appears in one person's heart, infects more and more people. Sometimes people do not understand why in the family, in the team, in the city, in the whole country, there are troubles, misfortunes, disorder.

And it happens because someone sins here, unrepentant sin takes place here. The Scripture says: God is a jealous God, who punishes children for the fault of their fathers to the third and fourth generation (Exodus 20:5). This is how far the pernicious, stinking effect of one man's sin extends...

Debauchery is clearly a diabolical act and elevates the cattleman to an inferior state. In the mind's essence man accepts the diabolical fable that he is descended from monkeys. The monkey is a beast, an animal, a cattle, and therefore the offspring of the beast must also be a beast. This is the philosophy that the adherents of the "cattle" way of life adhere to, and live like cattle.

But especially huge is the army of Satanists, who with their black tentacles have entangled not only the whole of America, but the whole world, now, in modern times. Satanists serve sacrilegious black masses where a naked woman lies on a satanic throne, with a cup in which wine and prostitute's urine are mixed; they also place the Holy Gifts (usually stolen from the church) in the same cup. Sometimes at these masses a man is sacrificed to Satan, and his blood is poured into the bowl and drunk of this mixture.

This sacrilegious abomination is followed by orgies and rampant fornication. Forty thousand children disappear each year in the United States, among whom are sacrifices to Satan. Anthony LaVey (b. 1930), founder of the Church of Satan, compiled the Satanic Bible and Satanic ritual, and in San Francisco in March 1970, the Church of Satan was accepted into the National Council of Churches in the United States.

Satanists preach the nine principles of Satan: carnal desires without restraint, the right to vengeance, man is a kind of animal, all sins are permitted, Satan is the best friend, etc. Satanists practice divination and magic, spiritualism, are addicted to alcohol, drugs, rock music, read the Satanic Bible, participate in Satanic rituals, and form Satanic groups; becoming members of a Satanic sect, serve black masses and make sacrifices.

At the highest degrees of initiation, Satanists become pure devotees of the devil, surrender their will and personality to him completely, and are able to see Satan and even communicate with him. The main church of Satan is located in the United States in San Francisco, California. However, there is one in other cities as well, such as Los Angeles. It is believed that there are already 8 thousand gatherings of Satanists in the country. And in England, the international society of Satanists has five million members. There is also a Satanic organization of its own in France, which is called the "Green Order".

Strangely enough, but no lessons from history, no human tragedies seem to be able to stop modern mankind. As if foreseeing these terrible times, St. John Chrysostom cried: "So among the cities, as in the great wilderness, men do shame on men" (Rom. 1:27). It is amazing how even now another rain of fire has not yet fallen, how we have not yet been subjected to the fate of Sodom, worthy of the punishment all the more grievous because we have not also been made compassionate by the calamities of Sodom.

Even though the Church has been crying out to men throughout the whole universe for several thousand years that they should not dare to commit such an abomination, not only have they not refrained from this sin, but they have become even more shameless, as if in competition with God and trying to show by their actions that they will indulge in these vices the more He will threaten them. Why then has nothing happened: the sins of Sodom are committed, but the punishments of Sodom are not? Because another fire awaits them, a more cruel one, and a punishment without end. God will surely lay a firm hand upon them, strike an intolerable blow, and torment them so cruelly that the calamities that befell Sodom will seem like a toy in comparison.

The Holy Church contrasts the folly of the modern world with the intact doctrine of purity and chastity. This doctrine is guarded by the rules of the holy apostles, the holy fathers, and the Ecumenical and Local Councils, and it is revealed in the fates of the saints.

The fire requires of us a holiness of life. This holiness, first of all, consists in chastity, and then in the fulfillment of the other commandments of God, and in sincere and humble repentance when they are violated.

In combating the prodigal passion, St. Macarius of Optin offers simple practical advice: "Call upon the prayers of the holy martyress Thomas, St. John the Suffering, St. Moses the Urn, and the prayers of the spiritual fathers and all mothers, and impute to yourself the worst of all, who have ascended to purity. In times of struggle, all these remedies are useful... To sleep less, to eat less, to beware of idle talk and condemnation, and not to adorn oneself with fine dress, to keep one's eyes and ears open. These are all safeguards. Not yet allow thoughts to enter the heart, but when they begin to come, to rise up and ask for help from God.

Modern science has recently discovered to the secular world the phenomenon of telegonia - the devastating effects of fornication on the souls and bodies of people. The Church, on the other hand, has preserved this knowledge from the beginning. It also offers methods for overcoming the effects of telegony. But a neglected disease can be healed through great effort and great blood.

Not in vain the apostle commanded: "Exhort the young men to be chaste. Speak these things, exhort and reprove with all authority" (Titus 2:6, 15). Today we have completely forgotten that neglecting children is the greatest of all sins and reaches the very height of wickedness. And the Bible reminds us of this. "There was a priest of the Jews, a humble and meek man; his name was Elijah," says St. John Chrysostom. - This Elijah had two sons. Seeing that they betrayed wickedness, he neither restrained them nor stopped them, or rather, he restrained them and stopped them, but he did not do it with due diligence.

And the transgressions of these sons were adultery and gluttony. When their father heard about their sins, he did not punish them, but tried by word and persuasion to turn them away from this wickedness, and he kept saying to them, "No, my children, the rumor I hear about you is not good; you corrupt the people of the Lord; if a man sins against a man, they will pray to God for him; but if a man sins against the Lord, who will intercede for him? But they hearkened not to the voice of their father, for the Lord had determined already to put them to death" (1 Kings 2:24-25).

Very powerful and striking words, sufficient to instruct him who has a mind! He expounded the sin, showed its horror, declared and threatened a grievous and fearful condemnation; but as he had not done all that he ought, he himself perished with them. He should have intensified his threats, chased them out of his sight, punished them, and been much more severe and severe. But since he did nothing of the kind, he angered God and, by showing inappropriate leniency to his children, he ruined his own salvation along with his children. Let no one tell me that many who did not care more for their children suffered nothing of the kind that Elijah did: no, they suffered many times, and many more grievously, and for the same sin. For whence are premature deaths? Whence the grievous and lingering sicknesses both of us and our children?"

Today, more than ever, our children must be fought not to the death, but to the death. They do not tolerate indifference and falsehood. All the forces of hell are thrown in to corrupt the coming generation. And if our own heart is barely smoldering, how will it ignite those around us?

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