Refusal Help to Needy Road to Hell, Reminds Head of Russian Church

Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

In his Sunday sermon after the Liturgy, Patriarch Kirill made a strong statement regarding material wealth and its place in the human life.

- If a rich man is willing to share a large part of his wealth with others others - to those in need, to those who suffer - then possessing wealth becomes justified, <...> and this person will increase his wealth - the Lord will help him to increase his material possessions <...> God grant that our well-to-do, born in the Orthodox country, many of whom are in one way or another connected with the Church, always remember that the justification of wealth here on earth is that people stop envying you, people stop seeing you as an enemy, but "in the age to come" this wealth can turn for good, if it serves the good of other people here.

If, however, someone "out of a lot of money can't help someone else - it's a sure way to hell, and there's nothing to talk about." At the same time, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church recalled the words of Christ that "it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

"If a rich man does not see the sorrow of a fellow man and does not help - this is clearly a way away from God, from Christ and His kingdom. The more money one has, the higher his responsibility is for this whole earthly existence," - the Patriarch added. 

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