Patriarch Kirill Told Youth When God Can Grant Spiritual Sight

The Lord God can give a person spiritual sight, if a person himself strives to embody the words of the Gospel in his life every day, Patriarch Kirill told the youth about this.

“Meeting with God takes a very special place in our life. Together with faith, we acquire the true meaning of being and a solid moral foundation, and when we strive to actively embody the Gospel words in everyday exploit, the Lord grants us spiritual sight and the ability to look at many things with reasoning, ”the Primate noted in his address on the youth.

As His Holiness pointed out, today "these valuable qualities ... are in great demand, because it is sometimes extremely difficult to understand the avalanche-like flow of information."

“How difficult it is to resist attempts by malicious forces to drag us into reckless adventures, dubious and even dangerous enterprises,” added the Primate of the Church.

Addressing the younger generation, Patriarch Kirill especially noted that spiritual vision is "not at all the lot of the gray-haired elders, as it might seem at first glance."

As an example, the Primate cited the holy noble Prince Alexander Nevsky, who, as His Holiness emphasized, "despite his youth ... was endowed by God with amazing wisdom, spiritual and physical strength, as well as a deep understanding of what is useful for the country and the people."

Source: (Russian)

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