Can I Ask God to Take Me Away From This World?

Reader Question:

Is it possible to ask God to take both soul and body from this world? There is disappointment in the world, in the fact that chaos reigns, that one's own life is not satisfying.

Archpriest Andrew Efanov answers:

No, you can not, because such a request means that you simply sign your own powerlessness, and such a worldview and self-perception simply cannot be succumbed to.

You are living. This means that by God's will you are given life, not death, and you need to learn to cope with this life. It's also a skill, one of many which a person needs to learn, but it's not a simple skill, it's a complex one. And I would advise you to ask the Lord to give you strength and understanding to learn this skill.

For example, the fact that the world is chaotic should simply be accepted as a given. Yes, the world is. In general, it is not so chaotic: all the physical and chemical laws are executed very precisely, that is, you have no doubt where a pillow will fly if you throw it out of a window: it will definitely fly down, not up. You know exactly at what temperature water boils and at what temperature it becomes ice. You know exactly at what speed the rocket will overcome Earth's gravity. And you can even, if you look in an encyclopedia or a search engine, tell how the human or animal body will react to the introduction of this or that chemical substance. In other words, all the "basic settings" work according to the rules, and you don't have to blame the world. The field of human psychology is more complicated, but it has its own laws. Please, lead a spiritual life, consult with a priest, study gradually ascetic literature - and you will understand and apply these laws to yourself, there will be less chaos, go ahead, go ahead.

As for dissatisfaction, I would advise you to take a sheet of paper and very clearly and specifically write down what it is that dissatisfies you. Your own health? And what exactly? Appearance? Your job? And at work, what is the nature of the work? the staff? the size of the salary? the schedule? the location of the place of work? vacation days? opportunities for growth? and so on. Problems in the family? What kind of problems? With whom, for what reason? And so on. Write it all out with prayer, and then yourself, or with a friend, or with a confessor, or with a psychologist, think and write down how you can overcome a specific dissatisfaction. Write in general and then specific steps.

For example, you are not satisfied with your health. What is necessary to do? You have to go to such-and-such doctor, have a check-up, undergo procedures, change your diet, change your daily regime, earn money to go to a paid specialist, make an appointment, go to see him, follow the recommendations... You understand, don't you? If we're talking about family, what's troubling about family? The fact that it does not exist? And what can you do to have one? Get acquainted, communicate, learn to be an interesting interlocutor, a pleasant gentleman, learn to see the other person, empathize with him, support, be sincere in communication and not be afraid to be yourself ... If the problems are with your wife (i.e. you are already married), what are they specifically and how can you solve each of them? If it's about work, similarly. And so gradually you will stop being discouraged, and begin to actively act, set goals and go to them. For example, you have an earache and your goal - to cure him. Or you have a salary now so-and-so, and would like this. The goal must be real. For example, you can't increase your salary by 10 times at once, but it is possible to increase it by some percentage. Or not to increase the income through salary, but through part time work. And so on.

I think the general scheme is clear. Go ahead, take action.


Source: (Russian)