Dialogue with Evil is Treason and Apostasy - Preserving Tradition against the Heresy of Ecumenism

Originally appeared at: Michael Wood

"If we don't receive the whole Orthodox Tradition then what are we receiving?"

Do we even know what is the core of the God-given ORTHODOX TRADITION or do we allow ourselves to be told far out fables and farcical make-believe scenarios by the intentionally deceptive and, then, we believe these delusions. . . BECAUSE WE HAVE ALREADY PERSONALLY BOUGHT INTO THEM FOR OUR OWN PERVERTED REASONS or WE ACCEPT THEM FOR A FALSE SO-CALLED 'COMPASSION?'

Some in this increasingly demonic age are suggesting that Transgenderism, abortion and homosexuality . . . and on and on. . . are PERMISSIBLE and also LIFE-ENHANCING and situations in which God gives His GRACE and BLESSING and are on the level of 'sacraments!' To this perversion of the Truth about God and to this perversion of the truth about mankind the ORTHODOX TRADITION clearly and everywhere and at every time says: ABOMINATION! ANATHEMA!

There are only a very few words of response to such evils and these words are that these abominations which satan is trying to bring into God's HOLY CHURCH are UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE to be approved of, by or in the ORTHODOX CATHOLIC CHURCH! The gates of hell will NEVER swallow Holy Orthodoxy! Never. Other groups - yes, Holy Orthodoxy - no!

These abominations will NEVER be holy, Orthodox or of God.

Nowhere and at no time in our holy ORTHODOX TRADITION are any of these abominations approved of. If someone suggests that they have an exception to the rule or canon then it is very clear that the person suggesting that the Father's or an Ecumenical Council or the Sacred Scriptures 'approve' of said abominations. . . THEN the one suggesting such wicked demonic delusions are liars and children of the father of lies - the evil one, himself.

To go even further, I say it is a sin (offensive) to even DIALOGUE with another over said abominations! Why bother talking about such things except to make clear that dialogue is futile and an utter sham regarding such things because God has made it definitively clear that evil things are not negotiable?

If the All Holy Trinity is 'the same yesterday, today and forever' then the GOOD He wants for humanity is 'the same yesterday, today and forever,' simply put, because God does not change nor does His revealed truth about goodness change.

Furthermore, Orthodoxy does not dialogue with the evil one. NEVER. Our first parent's did dialogue with evil in the garden and what happened then to them and following generations, for those with wisdom, is not again repeated.

In truth, holiness is simply authentic wisdom embodied through freedom and liberty that is humble and submissive to love - love of God and love of neighbor. No real and actual Orthodox Christian would dialogue with the evil one over abominations because in Holy Baptism we Orthodox are given the grace of discernment through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

So when God says ANATHEMA then Holy Orthodoxy also says ANATHEMA! Let us talk about things that promote life and never waste our time talking about things that are useless, a non-issue and unchangeable. In Holy Orthodoxy sin will never become virtue. Just understand that the anti-Christ talks a good game like a Jesuit does.

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