Explaining Orthodoxy

How Did People Multiply after Cain and Abel?

Archpriest Andrew Efanov October 23, 2020 237 Comments

Can an Orthodox Christian Not be a Creationist?

Fr. Constantine Bufeev October 20, 2020 187 Comments

The Shape of Things to Come

Hieromonk Gabriel October 20, 2020 251 Comments

Confession Has to Be Repentance, and Not a Story About Your Life

Editor of The Catalogue of Good Deeds October 20, 2020 144 Comments

Indifference to Those Who Are Sinning Is a Sin in Itself

Christos Karadimos October 18, 2020 313 Comments

The Church is THE Essential Institution

Fr. Abbot Tryphon October 11, 2020 366 Comments

Why Doesn’t God Kill the Devil?

Sergey Khudiev October 11, 2020 425 Comments

Did You Ever See a Shroud With Pockets?

Saint Paisios the Athonite September 23, 2020 133 Comments

The Foolishness of Trying to Understand God's Plan

Roosh Valizadeh September 22, 2020 310 Comments

Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnitsa: The Air of Heaven and the Air of Hell

Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnitsa September 18, 2020 455 Comments

Can a Christian Be Demon-Possessed?

Fr. Lawrence Farley September 17, 2020 354 Comments

Sanctifying the Human Body - Making it Holy

Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol September 17, 2020 256 Comments

The Power of Sincere, Repetitive Prayer

Fr. Silouan Thompson September 16, 2020 383 Comments

Why Do We Say Christ is The Only Way?

Deacon Haralambos (Charles) Joiner September 16, 2020 126 Comments

Do All Religions Share Faith in One God?

Professor Alexei Osipov September 12, 2020 535 Comments

How Unintentional Are Unwittingly Committed Sins?

Ioannis Kornarakis September 11, 2020 101 Comments

Jesus’ “Hidden” Teaching on Homosexuality

Greg Koukl September 8, 2020 1,179 Comments

Assessment of Darwinism by the Holy Fathers

Fr. Constantine Bufeev September 7, 2020 1,286 Comments

Original Sin: Orthodox Doctrine or Heresy?

Archimandrite Vassilios Papavassiliou June 28, 2020 960 Comments

Immediately After Ecumenism Came Homosexuality

Archpriest Theodore Zisis June 19, 2020 1,685 Comments

A Little Ark: The Infant Baptism of Moses

Fr. Joseph Gleason June 19, 2020 140 Comments

The Baptism of Israel at the Red Sea

Fr. Joseph Gleason June 18, 2020 122 Comments

When the Bible Says to Disobey Your Bishop

Archpriest Theodore Zisis June 18, 2020 782 Comments

Do We Have a Right to Speak Out Against Wicked Bishops?

Archpriest Theodore Zisis June 17, 2020 359 Comments

Russian Orthodox Community in America, Part II

Mikhail Smirnov June 13, 2020 547 Comments

Coronavirus Excuses to Escape a Lion's Den

Fr. Joseph Gleason May 18, 2020 661 Comments

Singing is Central in Orthodox Services. Here's Why

by Fr. Bill Olnhausen May 8, 2020 166 Comments

One Man's Unique Path From Buddhism to Lutheranism and Orthodoxy

Cristian Curte, Monk Chiril (Karthaus) May 3, 2020 273 Comments

The Death of God

Fr. Joseph Gleason April 17, 2020 889 Comments

For Protestants Uneasy with St. Mary

Frederica Mathewes-Green April 7, 2020 1,375 Comments

Why There Can Only Be ONE True Church

Archpriest Lawrence Farley April 3, 2020 25 Comments

The Orthodox Explanation of Dreams

Metropolian Hierotheos March 29, 2020 724 Comments