Excellent Interview With Top Russian Christian Conservative Activist Alexey Komov

A person can be judged by his friends, but in this case, this man can be judged by his enemies as well. What greater honor can one have than to be hated by George Soros, the New York Times, the Daily Beast, the SPLC, and the Clintons?

Alexey Komov is prominent Russian Christian social activist who has been a ceaseless advocate of Russian and American Christians working together on their many shared beliefs on social issues. He has been instrumental in starting a large Christian TV channel in Russia (Tsargrad). Together with his wife, he founded a major national Russian company to translate and publish best-of-class American Christian homeschooling materials in Russia, making them affordable to Russia's burgeoning home-schooling movement. He and his wife have four children.

He is a key organizing figure in the World Congress of Families, bringing key Russian and Eastern European participation to this stunningly successful organization. He is also an accomplished documentary filmmaker on socially conservative issues. Here is one he did on the failure of modern education, and how homeschooling is the solution. His wife, Irina Shamolina is featured in the film. Fluent in several languages, he is frequently on the road in Europe and the US networking with Christian conservatives.

Alexey Komov

Komov's remarkably successful decade of activism has provoked a fit of rage from the globo-homo left. He represents two of the things they hate most, an anti-globalist Russia and resurgent Christianity, and the prospect of of these coming together with American and European Christian conservatives makes their heads explode.

The New York Times speculates that he is a Kremlin agent, pushing an unverified, and most likely fake story that Russia is funneling millions to European right-wingers like Salvini. The rabidly Neocon Daily Beast concurs. The SPLC is obsessed with him. They 'designated' the World Congress of Families a 'Hate Group', and have no less than 17 articles about him on their site. The Clinton's $40 million a year pocket foundation, Think Progress, recently ran a major 3-article 'investigation' into him, portraying him as a sinister Kremlin agent in league with sinister Christian oligarchs trying to subvert the West. Think Progress is likewise obsessed with Komov, agonizing about him in no less than 13 articles over the past two years. Right Wing Watch, which is run by People for the American Way, a far-left political pressure group which gets major funding from George Soros, has no less than 16 articles about Komov.

Rising YouTube star Dr. Steve Turley, a leading academic who speaks on how conservatism and traditionalism are a rising global trend, caught up with Komov at the World Congress of Families conference in Verona in April, and recently published this fascinating interview.

Komov says the allegations being made against him are ridiculous, and that he is simply a private citizen, a Russian who strongly believes in Christianity, and one who acts on his beliefs. He points out that in this way he is much like American conservative Christian activists, with whom he has close ties. One of Komov's main themes is that Russia and America are similar in that they are both great Christian nations and that they have much in common in this regard, and that there shared values and beliefs are under constant attack from the media. 

He talks about his work and his vision, about meeting Salvini when he was just a middle-level, rising figure in his party, and their 6 year friendship, and the global conversion of Christian conservatives. A very revealing interview well worth listening to entirely.

As revealing are the comments on YouTube, which are overwhelmingly positive about Komov's activism.

Here is Komov doing his thing in Italy in 2013, back in the days when he became friends with Salvini.

Here is Komov in 2016 giving a lecture entitled: 'The World's Elites: Neo-Marxism and Gender Ideology' at a conservative conference in the country of Georgia, where, anong other things, he describes the soul-crushing, anti-Christian, aetheist indoctrination over 4 generations in the USSR, and how it is similar to the ideology being pushed today in the mainstream in the West.

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