For an update about the Russian Faith site, please see this Feb 26, 2018 article by Charles Bausman, who took over publishing Russian Faith from David Curry in Feb, 2018.

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We created this website in August of 2017 to more fully report on a major global cultural, social, and political shift which affects not just Russia, but indeed the whole world - the rebirth of Christianity in Russia, the attacks on, and decline of Christian values in Western Europe and America, and the profound subsequent effects in society, culture, and government.  

It is one of the most important events of our age, yet is barely covered in the mainstream media, and usually, when it is, it is badly misrepresented and misunderstood.

This site seeks to address this need. Here are some remarkable aspects to this story:

  • Russia is grafting an ancient religion which prides itself in not having changed in 2,000 years, onto a modern, dynamically developing major world power.
  • It is reviving medieval monastic traditions on a large scale, which barely survive elsewhere in the world.
  • Separation of Church and State is one of the most sacred of modern Western beliefs, yet modern Russia rejects this as, in fact, harmful to society, preferring to unite them into one monolith.
  • The color, pomp, ceremony, ancient vestment garments, splendid music, gilded and brightly painted interiors are something out of a fantasy story book - yet they are now newly omnipresent all across this enormous country.
  • Russia routinely beatifies (bestows the title of ‘Saint’ on) recent contemporaries, including her last emperor and his family. Russia’s conservative social values which raise so much ire in the liberal West are taught as doctrine from every pulpit.

This site is for any reader interested in what is really happening in Christian Russia, her history, and the greater Christian world.  

It is for anyone curious about Christianity in general, for Protestants, Catholics, and others who want to learn more about Orthodox Christianity - which, of the world's major religions, is one of the fastest growing, even among the thousands of Christian denominations that came from it.

Russia experts never tire of declaring that you cannot understand Russia without understanding Russian Orthodoxy, but it is remarkable how many of them have a very fuzzy (and frequently hostile) idea of the religion and its history, and almost no knowledge of its rapid and profound growth and influence today.

More so than English Anglicism, or any American denomination, or German Lutheranism, Russian Orthodoxy is intertwined with Russian national identity.  A possible analog is Catholicism in Spain, but even here, the connection with ‘Russianness’ is stronger with Orthodoxy.  Thus the oft-repeated saying "To be Russian is to be Orthodox and to be Orthodox is to be Russian".  

Her religion is built into Russia’s sense of historical mission, her sense of ‘otherness’, her way of thinking, her intellectual traditions, the memories of countless wars over the centuries, the very fiber of her patriotism, even revived by Stalin during WW2, and credited by many with enabling Russia to win a war the world was sure she would lose.

So yes, this truly is a remarkable story, and it will take more than one website to relay it.

David Curry
Founder and former Publisher

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