School Teacher Fired for Refusing to Call 8-year-old "Transgender" Student a “Boy”

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Christian teacher "Hannah", whose real name has not been disclosed, was fired from a primary school in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England, for refusing to refer to an eight-year-old transgender student as a "boy" and for raising concerns about the school's transgender policy. Fox News reports.

“In the 2021-2022 academic year, all school staff were required to undergo training on the correct treatment of transgender people. It all boiled down to the fact that the only correct action of the employees of the educational institution is full approval of the new gender role chosen by the transgender student,” said “Hannah.”

School officials have ordered a teacher to call a new 8-year-old student in her class by a different name and use the girl's preferred gender pronouns. Photo: PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP Getty Images

"There was no indication or even hint that this approach would cause any harm to the child. The message was that it would be better for the mental and emotional health of the student to accept this (his transgender transition)," she continued .

The administration of this school has developed a new manual for teachers. According to the Christian Legal Center (CLC), which sided with Hannah, the new rules require school staff to call transgender children by their "new names and use their preferred gender personal pronouns" and allow such children to use school restrooms, locker rooms and other facilities available to students of the opposite biological sex.

According to “Hannah,” she expressed her concern to her superiors about the dangers of the path that such children take, because it could lead to irreversible consequences for their health.

"I shared with them my concerns about the 'social transition' chosen by these children. The school's new policy will convince them that they are in the 'wrong body', and they may then resort to changing their appearance or even resorting to mutilation." operations that will ruin their lives forever. I tried to explain how much influence adults have on children who manage them and sometimes give them the wrong advice, especially when they do not have developed critical thinking. They believe what we tell them,” said the teacher, who is convinced that there are only two genders and that God created every person either male or female.

A former English teacher has said she was unfairly sacked after she raised concerns about the school's "transgender policy". Photo: iStock  

But the school ignored all the arguments that “Hannah” presented. She was eventually sacked after consulting with her lawyers about the school's new policy. The woman recently sued the primary school and Nottinghamshire County Council. She believes she was unfairly fired from school and discriminated against on the basis of her religious beliefs.

In an interview with Fox News, the teacher said she worked at the school for five years without incident, but her concerns for the well-being of her young students cost her her career.

"I, being a conscientious educator, raised this serious issue. However, I was not only silenced and prohibited from discussing this with anyone, but I was also fired, reported to the regulatory body for "snitching" and lost my teaching career. I am now working I’m at the bar, making sandwiches,” she complained.

According to British media, in March 2024, Hannah’s claim was considered by the Labor Court at the Nottingham Justice Center.

The hearing lasted six days, but on the sixth day it became known that a member of the tribunal, Jed Purkis, had published offensive statements about Christianity on social networks, after which all members of the tribunal in Nottingham urgently recused themselves. Hearings will continue only at the end of the year, writes the Daily Mail.

Responding to an earlier comment that only atheists should be in public office, J. Purkis wrote: "F... that's right, you can't accuse us of murder in the name of our no-god!"

In turn, Pavel Stroilov, who represents the teacher's interests, said that Perkis "appears to agree with a point of view that directly encourages intolerance of religion in public life."

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