Russian Legislation - Plans to Support Families with Many Children

The President of the Russian Federation instructed legislators to quickly consolidate the status of large families in Russia. Discussing what measures to support families with three or more children are being discussed in parliament, Tatyana Butskaya, first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family Protection, Issues of Paternity, Maternity and Childhood, spoke with the press center of the Parliamentary Newspaper.

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On the eve of the Year of the Family 2024, the Russian President gave an important instruction to quickly consolidate the status of large families in Russia. In terms of the main events of the Year of the Family, the deadline for the implementation of this order is indicated in the first quarter of 2024, the deputy recalled.

This is very important not only for those who are already raising three or more children, but also for those who are just thinking about having a third and subsequent child, says Tatiana Butskaya: “The fact is that now benefits and preferences for families with many children differ significantly from one region to another. Federal status presupposes a certain set of guarantees for families with many children throughout the country - a minimum level of support, below which one cannot fall.”

Tatiana Butskaya. © Igor Samokhvalov/PG

According to the parliamentarian, measures to support large families in Russia may include: assistance in resolving housing issues, including expanding the possibilities of family mortgages, a more targeted approach in assigning payments and benefits, “because it is very important for such families to feel that in difficult times they will not be left alone in life and that the state will help them.”

“This is also an additional opportunity for self-realization for parents with many children, because it is very important to give such families not only benefits, but also the opportunity to earn money on their own,” said the first deputy chairman of the relevant State Duma committee. “I really hope that next year we will come close to a bill to support socially responsible employers, that is, those who are ready to give employees more than just a salary.”

There are already such examples in Russia; there are many of them. People with many children are already receiving apartments, additional payments, and free trips from individual employers. “There are such companies in every region of Russia. That being said, we as legislators should consider supporting such companies. At the regional level, for example, there is a similar law in the Vladimir region. I am sure that it should be replicated in other regions,” said Tatiana Butskaya.

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