Damned Ecumenism - "Orthodox" Archbishop Asks Rabbi to Tear Down "Perceived Walls" Between Them

The false archbishop Elpidophoros says Christ is not the only path to heaven, and he calls on Jews to preach the fundamental unity of humanity.

Originally appeared at: Третий Рим

The head of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in the United States, Elpidophoros, visited the Kol Shearith Israel synagogue in Panama, where he told Rabbi and head of the Interreligious Council of Panama Gustav Kraselnik that the Abrahamic hospitality of the Jews “is an example of the best and brightest in true interfaith and ecumenical cooperation.” This was reported by Orthodox Times.

The Phanar hierarch said he prays “that in our ecumenical and interfaith efforts we will always be ready to tear down the perceived walls that seem to divide.”

“We all belong to this planet Earth, and the generations that come after us will also share it. So I raise my glass in gratitude to you and in honor of our common humanity. May we all find within ourselves the grace and strength to always teach and preach this fundamental unity of humanity,” emphasized False Archbishop Elpidophoros.

He also believes that all religions are equal, and one cannot be placed above another. Elpidophoros, speaking at the International Religious Freedom Summit in New York, said that all religions are “myriad paths leading to the same place.”

He also emphasized that “when you elevate one religion above all others, it is as if you have decided that there is only one way to the top of the mountain.”  “But in fact, you simply do not see the myriad of paths leading to the same place, because you are surrounded by blocks of prejudice that obscure your view,” says the false archbishop Elpidophoros.

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