How Russian Christians Feast: Friends, Food and Folk Music Galore

Russians know how to celebrate and have a good time

Time for a feast in Rostov the Great! Celebrating the feast day of St. Peter, Tsarevich of the Horde (great-grandson of Ghengis Khan), the locals gathered for a good helping of food, wine, & folk music. And don't forget the vodka!

Before heading downstairs to the feast, my daughters took a few moments walking through the church, taking in the beauty: 

Once everyone was seated and ready to eat, the local Russian folk music group provided entertainment. Can you tell which girls are Russians, and which girls are Americans?

Then came time for wine, speeches, and jolly toasts . . . Lots of them!

One of the local priests is quite a talented musician:

Time for a little more good Russian vodka!

And a few more toasts:

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