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Award-Winning Artist Celebrates 1030th Anniversary of Russia's Baptism

Showing how paint and canvas can capture the beauty of rural Russian landscapes and subtleties of the Orthodox Christian Faith, the Ivanovo region of Russia opened an exhibition of artwork created by master painter Vladimir Chernov

An art exhibition has been opened for Vladimir Chernov, a famous painter from Ivanovo, Russia. This exhibition is dedicated to the 1030th anniversary of Russia's baptism into the Christian Faith, and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Ivanovo-Voznesensk province.

Vladimir Viktorovich Chernov is a native Ivanovo man. In 1969, he graduated from the Ivanovo Chemical Technology College. In 1985 he was admitted to the Union of Russian Artists. Since then, he has participated in many regional, national, and international exhibitions.

Vladimir Chernov has received numerous awards, including the Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts, and both silver and gold medals for “Tradition / Spirituality / Mastery", from the Union of Russian Artists.

The artist's works are kept by the Ivanovo Art Museum, the museums of Plyos, Furmanov, Vichuga, and Shui, and also by the Moscow collection of the Art Fund of Russia. His paintings are also included in various art collections outside Russia.

This exhibition features more than 30 paintings by the artist, mostly landscapes. Most have been painted within the last ten years, and are now being included in an exhibition for the first time. There are also several earlier paintings which have already been included in various regional and national exhibitions. Many of these paintings display the author's love for Orthodox Christianity.

Chernov personally attended the opening ceremony. Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church were also in attendance, and guests from a number of neighboring regions also arrived.

Vladimir Chernov

Everyone noted the artist's skill, his ability to work with paints and convey the subtle nuances of nature — Central Russian nature — to which he devotes most of his work, capturing familiar and unfamiliar corners of his native scenery in landscapes.

Chernov's paintings display technical excellence in artistic realism, especially in the genre of large-format landscapes. In this context, his paintings combine the various layers of the Gospel, the Church, Nature, Russia, and the Christian Faith, all conveyed by extraordinary artistic means.

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