Russian Nationwide Christian TV - New Series on Religious Faith in the Military

Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

The Russian National Guard Troops and the First Christian Orthodox TV Channel have launched a joint patriotic media project “On Duty for the Faith and Fatherland”.

During the filming, journalists visit Orthodox churches and mosques located in the military bases and divisions of the Federal Guard Service in different regions of the country.

Emergency Response units and riot police, military intelligence and special forces personnel, military detachments for the protection of important state facilities and many other units talk about their service, share interesting facts about their lives, answering the main question of the project: what faith means to them.

"On Duty for the Faith and Fatherland" shows various generations of military personnel. Among the film characters are young servicemen, just starting their military career, as well as soldiers with many years of combat experience behind them, including dozens of dangerous combat missions during the present special military operation.

One of the key components of the project is an interview with chaplains who provide care for the troops in their permanent bases, support soldiers in exercises and in the areas of hostilities. Some of them not so long ago changed their military uniform for the clergy vestment. The story of each of them is unique and will be told to a wide audience for the first time.

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