'Western Science Is a [Tool] in the Hands of the Antichrist' - Famous Orthodox Saint

The West is in turmoil. The reason for the turmoil in the West is that they have turned away from God and turned their face to Satan. The root of all troubles is always the same: Rejection of God and association with the devil.

God seriously and fatherly warns us from going astray, but Satan plants false images everywhere to attract the unwise and ignorant. He uses poisonous and pernicious pleasures as bait, which the short-sighted and voluptuous take the bait.

The West has questioned and questioned just about everything: God, the soul, morality, marriage, family, society, the state, this world and the afterlife too. All around are questions upon questions... Western science is a steel comb in the hands of the antichrist, a comb which scratches out old wounds and tears new ones to blood... The lord of hell, through his pseudoscience, has brought about a turmoil and confusion in the West unheard of in the history of mankind. In vanity passes the development of society, the establishment of culture and progress, in vanity passes all life!

The West has ceased to produce wise men and saints. It began when popes ceased to be wise and holy, and became diplomats and politicians. The Western man never thinks of death, he is always preoccupied with earthly things. He thinks only of subjugation and exploitation. How to extract the maximum profit from the earth and air, fire and water, plants and animals, neighboring peoples and nations. The motto of science and the civilization it spawned: conquer and exploit. Globalization is the curse of our times.

What good is it for us if Europe, America, and every continent seeks to conquer the world, the universe, the moon, Mars, and the stars? What good is it to man if he gains the whole world, but if he loses his soul? From whom do you wish to take the moon, O men? From whom do you wish to take the stars? From God, who sowed them like flowers in a vast expanse? How miserable is European man when he rebels against Heaven and considers it his enemy!

From: St. Nicholas of Serbia, "Spiritual Exhortations on God and Man," Orthodoxos Kipseli 2017, pp. 105-106.

Source: 3rm.info (Russian)

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