“Children must learn self-denial...” - From the Diary of a Holy Russian Empress (St. Alexandra Feodorovna)

"Children must learn self-denial. They cannot have everything they want. They must learn to give up their own desires for the sake of other people. They must also learn to be caring. A carefree person always causes harm and pain, not intentionally, but simply through negligence.

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In order to show caring, not much is needed - a word of encouragement when someone is in trouble, a little tenderness when someone else looks sad, coming to the aid of someone who is tired in time.

Children must learn to benefit their parents and each other. They can do this without demanding undue attention, without causing others to worry or worry about themselves.

As soon as they are a little older, children should learn to rely on themselves, learn to do without the help of others, in order to become strong and independent.

Parents are sometimes guilty of over-anxiety or unwise and constantly irritating admonitions, but sons and daughters must agree that at the root of all this excessive solicitude lies a deep concern for them.

From the diary entries of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna

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