Tucker Carlson Defends Orthodox Christianity, Gets 47 Million Views in 2 Days

The tweet was commented on by 47 thousand people, with more than 150 thousand likes.

Originally appeared at: UOJ

The broadcast of Tucker Carlson with the American lawyer of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) Bob Amsterdam on the social network X has been watched by more than 47 million people for two days. This video was reposted by American businessman Elon Musk on his page.

There are more than 150 thousand comments under his publication. Part of the commentators assured that the UOC is a division of the FSB and Putin, but a huge number of people supported Carlson with Amsterdam and criticised Zelensky.

Carlson and Amsterdam’s video livecast about the UOC has already been viewed 47 million. Photo: Carlson's X

"And we keep throwing money at Zelensky. How many mansions does one man need?" Downtown Fairy wrote.

"Priests are thrown in jail, churches are closed, and all media outlets are silenced except for state media. Maybe it's just my opinion, but there is a lot going on with the Zelensky administration that cannot reasonably be called democracy," Jericho opined.

"Elon... funny how WE give money and support a regime that silences the opposition and specifies what religion can be practised," writes floridanow1.

"Yes, Christians are under attack all over the world. Anti-Christian hate groups like the Democrats are active around the world," BoilingPoint Live points out.

"Yes, Elon, priests in my Church are being unjustly persecuted," Zealous Seraphim wrote.

"There is very disturbing news about the actions of the Ukrainian leadership, yet we send billions of dollars without questioning those actions. Very disturbing!" stressed Mark UltraMaga 1A 2A.

"Yes! Even the abbot of Ukraine's most famous monastery was arrested and taken away during a service!" wrote World War Now.

"The Ukrainian government, like our current administration, is one of the most corrupt in the world. A perfect coincidence," wrote Unstoppable Freedom Alliance.

"Yes, Zelensky is imprisoning priests. His war on Christianity continues. The photo shows Ukrainian police storming a church and arresting a priest during a service in Chernivtsi, Ukraine," wrote Paul Hookem publishing a video of the detention of a UOC priest.

Earlier the UOJ wrote that according to Carlson, the Ukrainian authorities banned the whole Church while the United States is silent.

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