Cardinal: The Pope is Helping Establish a New World Order

The cardinal commented on the questions posed to Pope Francis about the attitude to LGBT, female priesthood, and the "adaptation" of the Holy Scriptures to modern times.

Originally appeared at: UOJ

In his comments to LifeSiteNews, Cardinal Gerhard Müller of the RCC criticised liberal trends in Catholicism and said that external anti-church forces are using the Pope to establish a new world order.

According to Müller, these forces are attempting to undermine the Catholic Church from within by introducing anti-Christian narratives.

Cardinal Gerhard Müller. Photo: La Croix

"Their fraudulent pretext is the adaptation of the allegedly obsolete Word of God as if in Christ all truth was not given to us, to the standards of a pseudo-scientific anti-marriage anthropology and a civilization of death (abortion, embryo trafficking, euthanasia, body mutilation by so-called sex change)," the cardinal said.

As earlier reported, according to the head of the bishops of the RCC of Germany, gays have the right to be priests.

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