Breaking: A Desperate Man's Race Against Time to Save His Wife's Life

A young seminarian and future priest just married the love of his life, suddenly tragedy struck, and now he is attempting to raise $90,000 USD for treatment to save his newlywed from death by leukemia. It's unrealistic and the clock is ticking.


Get out the cheese and wine, and prepare the floodgates for a sob session rivaling even The Notebook. And yes, you can even volunteer to be a part of it if too, if you want.

The understated equivalent of a blockbuster smash hit romantic tragedy is playing out in real life right now in the very same Russian town I myself happened to live in with my own Russian wife, Sergiev Posad, (an hour North of Moscow). They also happen to be friends of my friends in the Cleveland ROCOR Parish. 

As the founder of Russian Faith, I'll let you in on a little secret. You might think this platform was created to publish articles. These articles are nothing more than a tool for us to do good in the world in all kinds of ways. Ways, just like this. We Christians bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ; and it really doesn't get much better than this.     

Today, we want to offer you an extraordinary opportunity to directly help save the life of a 24 year old, newly wedded, Russian girl, just diagnosed with Leukemia. What makes this case 'extraordinary' when all lives are of equal value? 

Because in saving Sophia's life, there happens to be a unique chance here to ignite a series of powder keg news stories around this. This very article could be the single snowflake that snowballs into a life saved, that could snowball in turn causing an avalanche of good deeds, for years to come, all from this one example. It happens all the time, and this has all the ingredients. I have experience doing projects just like this for 5 years now, crowdfunding over half a million petro-dollars for Russia Insider with the help of hundreds of volunteers, and I'm convinced that there is a good chance this blows up, and if it does, we save her, and probably countless more.

The couple has two websites so far: and 

And here's their first US fundraiser by a mutual friend on facebook:

Unfortunately the sites are both currently in Russian only, however there are many photos, and copy/pasting into free online translators works great for stuff like this. If anyone would like to help us translate the site Into English, Spanish, French, or German, please contact me directly. (see below)

We are presenting this first to our Russian Faith readership as a tester. Many in our audience are of course armed to the hilt with adept abilities to share articles to even the farthest corners of the internet. That includes you, so go ahead and share this like your pants are on fire. The sky is the limit with stories like this, there is no telling what good could come, Oprah could and should pick it up, perhaps a major film production, a scholarship fund, who knows.

If it doesn't go viral = Sophia probably dies 

If you help it go viral = Sophia probably lives, and your kindness could serve as inspiration to thousands, even millions, especially with all of our help together, God willing.

Please contact me if you or someone you know might be able to help in any way. God Bless! 

Pray for the handmaiden of God Sophia and the servant of God Mercury! 

Yours in Christ,

David Curry
Founder, Former Publisher, Russian Faith

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