Free Land for Families in Russia: New Bill Submitted to State Duma

According to the LDPR initiative, land provided by the state will become the common shared property of all family members

Originally appeared at: TASS

MOSCOW, September 28. /TASS/. A group of deputies from the LDPR party, led by party leader Leonid Slutsky, is submitting to the State Duma a bill on free provision of land to families who have been married for over 10 years and have children. The text of the document is at the disposal of TASS.

Changes are proposed to be made to the Land Code of the Russian Federation. According to the initiative, citizens who have been married for at least 10 years and have one or more children will be able to receive a free plot of land from the state. The provided land will become the common shared property of all family members, including the parents themselves and their children.

“The opportunity proposed by the bill for families who have been married for a long time to receive a plot of land free of charge will improve their well-being, have a positive effect on their health, and will also help establish a family estate, for the birth of children and their comprehensive development,” the authors noted in the explanatory note. materials.

According to Slutsky himself, the initiative will contribute to a gradual transition from the urbanization of megacities to the development of modern low-rise buildings outside the city. “The revival of family estates is a qualitatively new standard of living for our citizens. It is more comfortable to raise and raise children in the conditions of modern estate development, rather than endless “human estates.” If we come to this format, we will have the opportunity to develop not only the entire territory of the country, but also the institution families, generations of healthy, athletic, happy people,” Slutsky explained to TASS.

The government of the Russian Federation indicated that the proposed measure was redundant, since the Land Code of the Russian Federation already established cases in which a land plot is provided free of charge to certain categories of citizens.

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