Short Profile of the Main Cathedral in Yaroslavl, Near Rostov Veliky, Russia (VIDEO)

The history behind the nerve center of the Orthodox faith in the region to which many Americans and other Westerners have already moved. . .

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The cathedral suffered in the early 20th century, in 1918, and from that uprising suffered a lot from the shelling of the cathedral. It was restored, but already by 1920 the parish church is turned into sewing workshops, then a grain warehouse and already in 1937 the church falls out of the list of state-protected monuments and it was blown up.

Literally on the eve of its patronal feast day on August 26, such a fierce fight with the church on this background, Yaroslavl, as it seems one of the cities that was filled with churches of the Orthodox residents, so it was so, I think, one of the factors that was necessary to fight it somehow. Yes, so, by the end of that time there were 94 churches, yes, and monasteries. At the moment, of course, almost half of them are gone, they are destroyed.

I have to go back to 1929, then there was a high hipped bell tower that was destroyed, but already in 1903 the cathedral was blown up and the decision of the party was the [creation of] a recreation and cultural park. And for almost 70 years there was a park laid out and already by the millennium on the eve of the anniversary of the city of Yaroslavl, here it was decided to restore [the cathedral] at the former site of the historic Dormition cathedral.

Q: To what extent the new temple of the present, how much it is similar to that old one, to its former version? 

Well, it can probably be said that in general terms, in general terms, it repeats that architecture, but in form and size of course it is much larger. Yes, it is connected with the fact that we live in a different 21st century and there are needs before the new Dormition Cathedral that allows us to solve all the [current] problems.

Q: And what is the idea - here we have such a white, white walls, will there be any painting?

Well, at the moment it is being developed a draft of the painting of the Dormition Cathedral, of course after such a time, that is, after all this time they have been studying the architecture and what kind of murals, yes, and what it will be like after the restoration, opening with new murals. In order to make it so, it is necessary to spend time conducting active work on the preparation of the project.

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