Patriarchate of Constantinople Has "Papal Ambitions"

In the European Union, Phanar is trying to position itself as the leader of all Orthodox Christians in the world, which causes disagreement on the part of representatives of other Local Churches.

Bishop of Baryshevsky Victor (Кotsaba), the vicar of the Kiev Metropolis and the head of the Representation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to European international organizations, believes that the head of the Phanar wants to single-handedly represent the fullness of Orthodoxy in the EU. Vladyka Victor wrote about this in his telegram channel.

The bishop noted that on February 20, addressing Metropolitan Emmanuel (Adamakis) on the occasion of his appointment to the Chalcedonian See, Patriarch Bartholomew stated that “the Orthodox testimony to European institutions in Brussels” carried out by Metropolitan Emmanuel on behalf of the Patriarchate of Constantinople “fell apart and was the reckless creation of many representations of various Orthodox Autocephalous Churches. "

According to Bishop Victor, "such statements by Patriarch Bartholomew once again underline his own papal ambitions, according to which he believes that the jurisdiction of Constantinople extends to all territories outside the Local Orthodox Churches."

Vladyka recalled that Offices and representations of the Constantinople, Russian, Cypriot, Romanian, Greek, and Bulgarian Churches were established at the international institutions of the European Union, and in 2017 the Representation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was established at European international organizations.

In addition, back in 2010, the Committee of Representatives of Orthodox Churches in the European Union was created, which is called upon to form a common position on various issues requiring "Orthodox witness".

“Despite this, representatives of the Church of Constantinople are trying to position themselves as the leader of all the Orthodox of the world. This causes disagreement on the part of representatives of other Local Churches, each of which has its own separate voice in the work of the above-mentioned committee,” said Bishop Victor.

In addition, according to the bishop, “the representatives of the Greek Churches in the episcopal dignity even had friction with Constantinople due to the fact that they performed divine services in churches equipped in the premises of their missions in Brussels, where the Patriarchate of Constantinople has a diocese headed by Metropolitan Athenagoras and which includes the Benelux countries”.

Vladyka Victor believes that “in voicing such theses, Patriarch Bartholomew emphasizes that in his opinion only Constantinople has the right to speak on behalf of the fullness of the Ecumenical Church, indicates the desire for unquestioning and sole leadership on the part of the Phanar in the Orthodox world, with which other Local Orthodox Churches ”, and in words about the“ reckless ”creation of representations of other Churches in the EU,“ Patriarch Bartholomew emphasizes his disdain for other Local Churches ”.

According to the bishop, if Patriarch Bartholomew really sincerely worried about the unity of the Orthodox Church and the fate of Orthodoxy in general, “then he would gladly perceive the presence of other Local Churches in all international institutions without exception,” because “the common, conciliar position makes more a powerful voice of the Orthodox Church, because the preaching of the Gospel and the "Orthodox witness" requires united efforts."

Source: (Russian)

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